Friday, July 14, 2006
Movies movies movies!!!
I’m procrastinating the Cedar Point rundown. It’s wordy, it’s on the laptop, the wireless router isn’t working….blah blah blah. Instead LOOK!!! A movie review! Or, more likely, several movie reviews. We’ve seen more movies in the past 3 months than we’ve seen since Booger was born and she’s approaching 5 (!). So, I shall tell you the recent ones we’ve seen, if I liked them, and beg you to buy me tickets to see the ones still on my list. Shall we continue? Let’s Shall.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Dead Man’s Chest This was so good I am going to see it again and don’t even care if I pay full price to do it! Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and he’s so hilarious in this movie. The effects are fantastic and Orlando Bloom wears pirate boots. And there’s my new favorite curse word (Bugger….but, you know, with the accent) And there’s the new nicknames that arose for my peeps. :-) Go see it. Go right now. Favorite word or line from movie: Bugger. (pronounced, of course….BUGGA!!!)

Nacho Libre Do you believe that I actually saw this? Paid hard earned cash to see it. Yes, yes I did. Michelle was out of town, so it was just me and the Three Musketeers (whom, as soon as the movie started, reverted back to their teenage years. Yes, yes, some of them didn’t have to revert that far!) I can honestly say it wasn’t terrible. The funny parts were really REALLY funny. The filler parts were okay. Wait til it’s 2.50 then go see it. Or better yet, wait til the DVD comes out, buy it then make me a copy. I’m dying to see the gag reel. Favorite line: Kiss kiss, hug hug, BIG kiss, little hug, little kiss, BIG hug.)

X3-The Last Stand Oh, let’s hope it’s not the last stand, because really? I need more Hugh Jackman. Lots more. I was appropriately warned going in that I might not like the story. I didn’t. I loved the visual beauty of the movie, though. Effects were fantastic. Go see it, just don’t blame me if the story sucks. The Golden Gate Bridge scene is worth the money.

Now let’s switch gears for the shameless please send money for my movie tickets portion of our show. I’m dying (DY.ING.) to see the following:

Superman Returns – Though I might get up and leave after the opening theme song!! That’s really all I need.

Fearless (with Jet Li) No idea when this is coming, but saw the trailer and when everyone I was with went “Ohhh mannnnn” at the same time, it’s a gotta see movie.

The Guardian – Starring Ashton Kutcher and Dennis Quaid in some Coast Guard Academy, lots of swimming, lots of angst, happy ending kind of movie. Probably the entire highlight reel of the movie was in the trailer and the rest will suck.

Rocky 719 – Yes, you heard it here….there’s a new Rocky movie coming. I’m pretty sure it’s Rocky VI, but wouldn’t place a bet on it. Starring Rocky Balboa as the guy who can’t talk and clearly doesn’t know when to say when. It’s ridiculous that I love Rocky movies. Absolutely ridiculous. I blame my dad. I’ll be taking him to see it when it comes out. All I know is when the theme song came on during the trailers when we went to see Pirates, I damn near stood up and clapped. Okay, I admit, there was clapping. And pointing and staring by others, but so what? I LOVE ROCKY!


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