Saturday, October 07, 2006
Freak, anyone?
I'm finding myself a bit more of a freak these days. I know, it doesn't seem possible, does it? Overly sensitive, more headaches than usual, constant feeling of being on edge. Some of my.....uh.....OCD issues coming out. And those that are always out (checking the stove, unplugging things that are not in use), getting worse. I don't really like to talk about it, at least not with people who don't already know. Those few people really truly are helping me get through this funk. I started thinking that maybe I should get some medicine to help. I have friends who have issues, far worse than mine (or, I think they are...they think mine are worse), who swear by medication. I don't know. I took something a long time ago, but the only thing I thought it did for me was put this strange layer of grey over my world. Like me, only dull. I don't want to be dull. I will not be dull. So, for now, I'll continue medication free and one step at a time get things back in order. I'm pretty sure I can do it. One project at a time!


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