Monday, July 17, 2006
Humidity and Me
Or is it Humidity and I? Either way, this weather is wreaking HAVOC on my hair. HA-VOC I tell you. I have so many hair products in my hair that you'd think it would lay flat and straight against my head....but no. I look like Diana freaking Ross. Ridiculous. Don't believe me? Here is evidence for you.

There is also evidence that I need to wash the mirror, but whatever. Also, need to go get my hair colored again....yikes. At least it's not gray! :-)

Have you noticed I'm digging the fact that I learned how to upload pictures!!! Some of the Booger coming soon. So the 4 people who read this can see her!

Speaking of Booger, she is soooooo my daughter. Born with an innate grasp of the English language (are you surprised?). This weekend she used distinguished in a sentence. She used it in context and everything. I was so proud, so very proud. Unfortunately, the only response I could come up with was, "Aren't you four?" I mean, really. Distinguished?? Wow.


Anonymous Brn n Bubly said...

Holy hilarious!!!

Blogger AnonExhib said...

At least it's not GRAY?? You did NOT just say that....

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