Thursday, October 26, 2006
Lyric Love
You see, the night does funny things inside a man, these old tomcat feelings you don’t understand.

Oh do I love song lyrics. That one is from “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You” by Hootie & the Blowfish. Oh, Darius, how I swoon for you. Anyway, I have a friend who’s considering XM Radio or it’s competitor and we were chatting about it and how much I love mine. I can clearly say that while I have mad love for my i-pod, the love for XM Radio is beyond that. Far beyond. The i-pod is great for songs I know I love, where the XM is so good for songs you forgot you loved. Today I channel surfed more than I normally do and what a great day in the car! So many great songs today and I’ll share some of them with you in a sec. Isn’t it funny how a song lyric, a simple sentence set to music can transport you to a different time, to a different place? Good memories, bad ones, happy, sad…the range of emotions from a simple lyric is so vast. I know that being a Grammar Snob and all, you likely don’t expect less than word love from me, but here’s something you may not know. Well, some of you know this. When I was younger I wrote poetry. I always wanted to write freestyle, dark, angsty poetry. But, me being me, ended up with perfect rhythm, perfect rhyming poetry. Still a bit dark and angsty, but always ALWAYS rhyming. Couldn’t help it. I think my poetry was good. I had educated people tell me it was, and it was critiqued and displayed and read by more than a few. Anyway, maybe that’s why I love song lyrics so much, who knows. Ah, well.

Let’s move on to songs. Every single one of these songs I heard on XM today. 60’s to metal, to classic rock and beyond. Before you ask, yes. Yes I wrote them down as I drove down the road. Yes, this was a premeditated entry, though I didn’t pre-write it, just jotted the song titles down. They are in no particular order, but I’ll elaborate on a few. I like every single one of these songs. My music taste is much more eclectic than even I thought it was.

Eddie Rabbit “I Love A Rainy Night” (what IS it about the finger snapping that makes me love this song??)
Aerosmith “Janie’s Got A Gun” (mmmmmmJoe Perrymmmmmmmmmmmm)
Ram Jam “Black Betty” (Oh Black Betty, ramalam, oh Black Betty…)
Kiss “Detroit Rock City”
Survivor “High On You”
Warrant “Sometimes She Cries”
Bon Jovi “I’ll Be There For You”
Wilson Pickett “Mustang Sally” (I freaking love this song. I have no idea why.)
Golden Earring “Radar Love”
Aldo Nova “Fantasy” (Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life)
Judas Priest “Painkiller” (not my favorite JP, but a good car song)
Neil Diamond “I Am I Said” (I know every word to many many ND songs…such a dork)
Bad Company “Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy”
Metallica “Seek And Destroy” (I. Love. This. Song.)
Bob Seger “We’ve Got Tonight” (this song is incredibly hot)
Counting Crows “Goodnight Elizabeth” (I’ve seen CC 4 times in concert)
Doobie Brothers “Black Water” (only the last minute or so)
Doors “Touch Me” (c’mon c’mon c’mon now touch me, babe)
Europe “Rock the Night” (big hair rocks)
The Clash “Rock the Casbah”
Sammy Hagar “Mas Tequila” (is it me or does tequila sound really good??)
Indigo Girls “Galileo”

There were so many more (I spent a lot of time in the car today), but I should probably stop there. Some of these songs brought up some questions and concerns. Like, when did it become un-cool for a rock band to have a keyboard player?? Rush had one (I think), Asia, Survivor, Journey, hell, didn’t Poison have one for crying out loud? Also, I miss big hair. I’m just going to say it, I do. I don’t miss Aqua Net, but I do miss big hair. I should have learned to play guitar instead of clarinet. I mean, playing the clarinet was hot for like…no, playing the clarinet was never hot. Sigh.


Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

Oh, DEAR GOD!! Radar Love!! Now I've got to run over to iTunes and correct THAT deficiency in my collection!

I don't have XM radio - maybe I should. I'm such an NPR junkie, though, that I'm afraid I'd never listen to it, then bitch at my cheap New England self that I'm spending money that I could - well - NOT be spending. Sigh. Those frugal, Puritan roots run deep, Sister.

I did a similar post to this one a LONG time ago ( My iPod died (the love for my iPod is only surpassed by my love (addiction) for my TiVo). Talk about eclectic! Though I'm proud to say that I have a similar range on the Pod (though I have no Neil Diamond. That's not to say that I, too, don't know all the words, but I don't actually OWN any of the music).

I think you're a hoot!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a Tom Waits song, actually. Quite offended.

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Sorry...I was referring to Hootie's version. It's on their live album. No disrespect intended.

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