Monday, December 17, 2007
Holy crap
I'm all registered for classes in January!

Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology here I come! I will be in class Saturday from about 8-3 and Sunday night from 6-9. Go me. I think :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GO YOU!! It's very, very exciting, going back to school. You'll be well supported from this end, too, don't forget. If you need paper proofreading, I'm your gal!

Love ya!


Blogger Kizz said...

Absolutely go you! Feel free to let us know if you need anything.

Anonymous Laurie B said...

Ok, mrschili and kizz can edit, and please take them up on it. You'll get a lot of extra points just for having somebody that knows how to write (and edit) read your paper. I can't edit, but I can cheer!

Yippee! YAhoo! You GO GIRL! This will all be so much worth it when you are done. GET THE DEGREE!! YIPPEE>

I know, mrschili hates all caps, that's why she edits and I cheer.

Laurie B

Anonymous Leann said...

You go girl! Let the learning begin!

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Any kind of support you need, you just ask! I am thrilled for you and wish you all the best.


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