Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Ten Things Tuesday
Things I've learned in 2007 - in no particular order

1. A job, one in which you get paid for, doesn't define who you are. It's the ones you don't get paid for - being a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter - those are the jobs that define you.

2. Things have a way of working out if you can be patient and open minded enough to wait.

3. The Toledo Hospital cafeteria food is quite good.

4. Cardiac surgery is scary. Scarier than anything I've ever experienced in my life. Recovering from cardiac surgery is hard....both for the patient and the spouse.

5. Turning 35 isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

6. I actually do like snow.

7. Working retail during the holidays is truly an exercise of patience and results in lots of jaw clenching!

8. It seems, so far, that you really can control your spending when your household salary gets cut in half....and not feel like you're missing out on a whole bunch.

9. Ally the Wonderdog has a keen sense of when extra cuddles are needed. Also how much having her simply curl up at my feet lowers my blood pressure.

10. A clean house somehow makes everything else less stressful.

Happy New Year, my friends. I hope you are all safe, happy, and know you are loved.



Blogger Kizz said...

Those are some good lessons, right there. Sorry some of them were so hard won for you.

Blogger Professor J said...

Those are some good and true lessons you have learned.

I hope the next year is less eventful!

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I love you, too, and I'm happy that you made it through 2007 with a stronger sense of who you are and what's important (and yes, a clean house DOES make everything else feel better... guess what I'M doing today?)

love ya!


Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Happy New Year to you too, Snob! That is an impressive list, written with humor, that speaks of your difficult and clarifying year. I wish you much joy in 2008 with your family and your wonderdog (dogs DO lower blood pressure - except when they're in heat,,,)

And if you love snow, I'll send about a yard full - Fedex?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Ms. Grammersnob.

I hope to not to offend you with my grammer and punctuation. I do read you blog everyday. It helps that I am employed 3/4 time at big local university. I have a little time to burn every day and I spend my two hours mid-day reading blogs. Your blog is one of the ways I take up some time. Yippee!

Happy Birthday to you and many best wishes for the New Year.

We have had a cousin and also a best friend go through a mitral valve prolapse repair thing this last year so we understand just a little of how your life has been. They all had insurance so that helped. Doctors can do amazing things. SO can families. Don't count yourself short here.

Both of the heart surgery folks have recovered quite well and one of them is in New Zealand for a hiking trip. Go figure, she is probably healthier than I am.

In any case, we are sending much energy and good things from here so that your year 2008 is much less stressful.

Anonymous R said...

amen and hallelujia to #4

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