Monday, October 30, 2006
Today is the 7th anniversary of my wedding. It was a day much like today, actually. Unseasonably warm and gloriously sunny. I had hoped that was a sign to whole life to be filled with sunshine and warmth. Obviously, it's not perfect, but it is sunnier and warmer than I ever could have imagined. I often feel as though I don't deserve it, and am quite sure I don't, but I will be thankful for it each and every day.

I remember feeling invincible walking around in my wedding gown. Like when I slipped into it, I slipped into a shield of Bridal Protection that prevented anything bad from happening to me. I can honestly say that my wedding day was the best day of my entire life. And there have been some really REALLY good days. But that day was it. Roy and I had so much fun that day. We smiled, we laughed we cried (him first!). And we were together. And that's all that mattered. All that will ever matter.


Anonymous G said...

Congrats to you guys!!

Blogger Mrs.Chili said...


I, too, have been blessed with a happy marriage. "Happy" doesn't really cover it, though - it's more like silly-stupid, ecstatically blissful with only minor breaks in the program for brief fits of frustration.

Yet another thing we have in common.....

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