Tuesday, December 19, 2006
I'm still here!
So many things to update, let's see if I can do it in a relatively organized fashion.

First, Booger's birthday was December 8 and her party the next day. She turned 5 and we went roller skating. She had so much fun that I think we will probably be roller skating once a month, AT LEAST, for the next little while. All of the kids (and most of the adults, except her favorite "uncle" who is all kinds of stubborn) had a great time lacing up their skates and taking to the rink. I skated for awhile and did fairly well. Except when I tried to stand still on skates. This is much harder than you might think. Anyway, the rink sort of reminded me of a combination disco/nascar race. There was great music with disco lights and sounds. The skating itself was very nascar. Lots of left turns with occasional pit stops! A few wheel changes, a few re-fuelings, and for sure a few crashes!! Mostly, though, there were enough smiles and laughs to last until next year's birthday!

I still have not sent out my Christmas cards. Or finished shopping. Or wrapping. Or baking. I have received many wonderful cards, some with pictures and a couple with The Christmas Newsletter. I used to look forward to those, catch up with how everyone is doing, where so-and-so is going to College and all that. But it seems as though The Christmas Newsletter has taken on a whole new meaning. The ones I received are "we're better than you - nanny nanny poo poo stick your head in doo doo" newsletters. I hate these. I love that you're kids are smart and happy and that you appear to be successful, but really. Is it so hard to say "X, 9, enjoys Tae Kwon Do and Y, 5, enjoys chess?" Why must you embark on a two page, double sided, novella about X and his Championship trophies, stomping kids 14 years old, and his space camp and his brown belt and his teaching to prepare for his black belt and blah blah blah. As for Y, really?? chess?? He's FIVE for crying out loud. He's about 2 months older than Booger and not only have you taught him chess, you have him competing in chess tournaments? You don't, perhaps, think this is just a wee bit too much?

Then we have Family D whose older child is 6 months older than Booger and their younger child is 3. They aren't nearly as active as the first two we've read about, but they do enjoy swimming, which, you so nicely told me came in very handy. As you went on THREE family vacations including Puerto Rico. With a 3 & 5 year old? Instead of a newsletter, next year can you please just send me some of the drugs you are taking? Thanks.

I know that deep down, the reason I am so bitter about these Christmas Newsletters (capitals on purpose...for they deserve it!) is because I am jealous. There I said it. Booger is excelling at many things, she's reading (not, you know, Shakespeare, but it's coming!), she's very good at artsy stuff and she's damn funny. But that pales in comparison to these Newsletters. I feel like I've somehow failed her if I am unable to produce 2 pages of accomplishments. I mean, I know I could. I'm nothing if not wordy. It might be fun to try, though. I could start with this:

Booger turned 5 this year and knows every word to Fergalicious and My Humps. We're so proud.


Anonymous mrschili said...

Yeah. I've come to hate Christmas Newsletters. I can tell you, EVERY year, who's going to send them, too; you just KNOW the type.

I've been a little stressed out about sending Christmas cards this year. I've fallen out of the card habit, not having sent any in the last, oh, three. I think, this year, I'll send out New Year's cards! Yeah! THAT'S it!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every year, my family and I take a photo and get Hanukkah cards printed up, which we then personalize to the indended individual (Don't you HATE the ones where people have the whole thing printed? No humanity at ALL!). Thing is, we haven't even taken the damn photo yet and it's 6th day of Hanukkah and just about Christmas. So I'm with Chili: we're sending out New Year's cards.


But maybe not to my mother-in-law.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't even know the words to My Humps and Fergalicious.. and I like those songs..

Bat Man

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