Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Election Day & Bronchitis

I voted, did you? You should. Go! Go now and come back to read about my self-doctoring.

I have bronchitis. (self diagnosed, but when you get it as much as I do, you can do that)
My (step) sister’s wedding is Saturday.
My doctor moved to Iowa.
(I am so screwed.)

It gets better. From the reception I received at Walgreen’s, I must look like a meth addict. Or dealer.

I finally figured after 3 days of swigging children’s cough medicine (it was all we had), I should get some adult meds at Walgreen’s. After looking at all the different choices, I decided on the old stand by, DayQuil and to really kick it up, some Mucinex-D. I don’t really know what Mucinex-D has that plain old Mucinex doesn't, other than –D, which is meth. Pharmaceutically speaking, it contains Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg, a nasal decongestant. I’m pretty sure that if you mix ephedrine with funny things like bleach and maybe WD-40 and perhaps Diet Coke, you get Meth. In order to buy Mucinex-D, you have to take the card up to the pharmacy. Then, I had to produce my driver’s license which they entered into the computer, within the database of 30somethingmethdealers. I then had to sign my name on the digital signie-thingie. Then, only then could I pay for the stuff. Probably it looked bad on the surveillance camera when I was seen leaving the store using the DayQuil to swallow the 2 Mucinex-D pills.


Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

I SURE DID! And I got a sticker to prove it!

Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

"I’m pretty sure that if you mix ephedrine with funny things like bleach and maybe WD-40 and perhaps Diet Coke, you get Meth."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up! I'm pretty sure that ANYTHING you mix with Diet Coke gets you Meth; just don't wash down Mentos, whatever you do....

I was JUST commenting to Husband, as I came from the pharmacy on Sunday to score another month of worry-free sex (woo, hoo!), that it's getting harder and harder to buy cold medicine. Right there on the pharmacy counter is a sign that said not only do you have to buy your nasal decongestant spray from the pharmacist now, but you have to essentially sign your name in blood and produce birth, marriage, and driver's licenses to buy Sudefed.


My husband rolled his eyes and made some comment about how, pretty soon, it's going to be easier to score actual METH than it will be to get a cough drop.

I'm not sure he's wrong.

Blogger Nocturnal said...

I did too, the price paid for a sticker.


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I loved it when I had two coughing toddlers at the pharmacy and they had to run my id to buy Childrens Nighttime Triaminic. (I don't think that is how you spell it.)

Like I would go through the trouble of finding two little kids to pretend they were sick so that I could go robotripping.

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