Thursday, December 07, 2006
Oh, man.
"But you better get a good head start because I'm coming for you, Jordan."

How much do I love Bradley Whitford.
And Aaron Sorkin. And Matthew Perry.

I'm still swooning!


Anonymous Mrs. Chili said...

HOLY SHIT!! (Sorry - is it okay to swear here?) I'm right here with you, Sister!!

Now, let me be up front in saying that neither Matthew Perry nor Bradley Whitford really do it for me under everyday circumstances. This last ep, though? With the kiss in the wings and the sideways glances from Perry, and the "you'd better get a good head start, 'cause I'm coming for you" from Whitford?

MELTED MY TOES, is what I'm sayin' here.

He wouldn't have to chase me very far, that's for sure!

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Sometimes cursing is the only way to make your point. I'm with you on MP...not usually hot, but in this episode...uh, yeah.

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