Friday, November 17, 2006
Dysfunctional is the new Normal
My sister's wedding was Saturday and it was everything and more than I hoped it would be. She looked stunning in her ivory gown, he handsome in his suit. After nearly 10 years of togetherness, the wedding and reception were such a perfect celebration of their love.

Our family is the definition of Dysfunction with a capital D. Let's see if I can explain it without making your eyes cross. My biological father left my mom and me when I was 2. I never saw or heard from him after that; he died when I was 12. My dad has been my dad for as long as I can remember, he was always a part of my life. He and my mom finally married when I was about 13, only after he asked to be my father for real - to file for adoption. So, he married my mom and adopted me. He had 2 children from a previous marriage - they were older than I, 8 and 6 years older. When your 13, that's a big age difference, but now...not so much. I'm an only child (which is pretty obvious when you get to know me!), and was always the only one at home. My sister and brother (I don't like to prefixes half or step) lived with their mom, who had 3 more children with her next husband. (Still following?) So, one would think this might be complicated and weird and all hard to be a part of. But, you know what? It works for us. My dad's ex-wife and my mom are friends. My sister's sisters who aren't my sisters (!!!) and I are friends. We all get along swimmingly.

I don't really have a moral to my story. I think after spending a couple days with everyone for the wedding, it made me more thankful for my Dysfunctional family than I have ever been.

This funny example of our dysfunction happened at the wedding. There was a girl there who recognized my husband from years back. During the conversation he asked how she knew the Bride and Groom. She answered, "She's my cousin." I responded, "That's funny, she's my sister."


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