Sunday, December 24, 2006
It's just after 5:00 on Christmas Eve evening. I truly wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Here's a quick summary of where I'm at with my preparations.

~Christmas cards. Signed, sealed, and addressed! Sitting unmailed in my trunk.
~Baking and candy making. Nonexistent.
~Christmas gifts. All purchased as of 2:30 this afternoon.
~Christmas gift wrapping. Er, maybe 75% completed. I am running out of ribbon so am working on the list of who gets ribbon and who doesn't.
~Plans confirmed. Not so much. 3 places to be tonight, not sure we'll make more than one.
~Neurotic activity. Check. And then some.

Merry Christmas, friends. Here's to celebrating your family and friends, especially those who know all about your freak tendencies and love you anyway!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Way to go on getting it all done, neurotic or not!
My husband and I JUST came home from Target, where we picked up our 100 Chanukkah cards (um, Chanukkah ended on Friday), which we will address like crazed people until the mail goes out on Tuesday. Ain't NOTHING like the last minute!
Have fun tonight!!

Anonymous mrschili said...

Happy, Merry, my friend! Ditch the stress, have some spiked egg nog (or whatever else tickles the proverbial fancy), find some mistletoe and live it up.

Wishnig you and yours a safe, fun, happy, contented holiday.



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