Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Winter blues
I need a few days of sunshine, for I am way full of the winter blues. Booger's having a flare up of her allergic rhinitis so she coughs all the time (including all. night. long.). She's got some lower teeth coming in, which, for her means a 101-103 temperature. Yes she spikes a fever every single time she cuts teeth. Always has. Also, the 2 that are coming in look to be behind/not lined up where they should be. We all need dentist appointments anyway, so maybe they'll look at it and tell me to stop being a freak.

Booger's allergic rhinitis is, as I like to say, putting me up in a tree. Things like this bring out my OCD in ways I'm not proud or fond of. All I can think about is how if I would be a better housekeeper she wouldn't have a cough. That's likely 99% bullshit, but I can't shake it. Also, she fell day before yesterday trying to get the mail for me. Fell hard and has a hell of a bruise. Since my OCD is raging, all I can think about is if I wasn't so lazy and asked her to get the mail it wouldn't have happened. I KNOW that it's not my fault. I was carrying in groceries and standing right there watching her. She's 6 now and likes to help. She gets the mail all the time and this one time she falls and I can't let it go.

Add to this the fact that I don't think I did well on my first psych quiz.....well, I'm just in a mood. It'll pass. I'm off Friday, so maybe I can decompress then.



Blogger Kizz said...

Going back to school and changing your routine this much is a lot. You're wandering around outside your comfort zone a lot. And you're doing a fabulous job.

Just one more day until Friday.

Blogger Lanie Painie said...

6 year olds are pretty good at falling all by themselves. Mine is anyway. I hope it really is just allergies and not this horrible bug going around our first grade class. ugh - snot-o-rama in the south end of Toledo!

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

DO decompress, please - you need it.

I love that you KNOW you're not responsible for every bad thing that happens, but that you can't help feeling responsible, anyway. I totally get that - it is the definition of my life....

I agree with both comments so far - you're doing a GREAT job so far out of your comfort zone and little kids fall all the time. Just keep doing what you're doing - it'll all even out, I promise.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

AND, you are certainly entitled to crankily reacting to the stimulus your life is currently providing; you are coping with a lot right now. How about you go and put on mood-lifting music and dance with Booger?
Btw, my ten-year ol dis growing right now and is consequently a complete spazz - walks into walls, doorknobs, bashes into us - if it weren't so intense it would be comical.
I hope Booger's cough gets better and the sun comes your way SOON.

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