Monday, January 21, 2008
School's going okay, thanks. My first quiz is this weekend and I'm already terrified. I know the info and have time set aside to study.

I'm still struggling a bit with the new schedule, with figuring how best to study. I have such high hopes and I'll get it. I'm just getting used to the new routine.

I cleaned the house today, well, some of it anyway. That always makes me feel better.

I have a paper to write this week, so I'm going to get some notes started on it....I'll check back.

I'm keeping my senior citizen college student makes me laugh.



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Okay, I'll grant you that "senior citizen student" is pretty funny.

I'm glad that you're figuring it out. The schedule thing will take a while to get used to - I go through it every 11 weeks when we get a new term.

I'm SO excited for you! Keep us updated!!

Blogger Kizz said...

Strong, brilliant, quizzy vibes coming your way!

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