Monday, March 17, 2008
The Internet suddenly doesn't seem so big
When I began writing online (over at Myspace of all places), I won't deny having grandiose hopes of becoming famous. Thousands of readers thinking I'm smart, funny, and oh yeah....beautiful! I'm not famous and thousands of people don't read what I write, but I still came out a huge winner. One day, I received a comment from this fabulous beauty who found my blog from NaBlo (I think, Chili, do you remember?) She and I hit it off online and began to keep up with each other's lives. Her friend, O'Mama came over to check me out and we hit it off as well. Last summer, when R was getting ready for surgery, O'Mama sent me a care package. It was so kind of her.

O'Mama's got all sorts of anxiety this week as she prepares for the party of the century, which happens to coincide with her daughter's Bat Mitzvah. I decided to send a little care package to help (hopefully) bring a smile. O'Mama received the package today and called to let me know that it successfully arrived.

I've never met her in person. Never talked to her on the phone before today. I know what she looks like, as we've exchanged family holiday photos and the like. When we talked today it was like we've been friends for years. No awkward silence, no strange introduction, just free flowing banter. It was FANTASTIC. We talked and talked and talked and TALKED. And I can't wait until we talk again.

Had it not been for my blog, I never would have met her, Chili, Kizz, Lanie, Professor J, Wayfarer and so many others. I'm grateful for this little blog. It's not only allowed me an outlet for all sorts of drama and angst, it's a place I now come to hang out with my friends. Who cares if I've never actually met them.



Blogger Lanie Painie said...

awwww . . . .right back atchya!

Blogger Kizz said...

We are awfully lucky, aren't we?

Anonymous Organic Mama said...


My theory is that our places are wonderful places for like-minded people to congregate and since I have found you - thanks, Chili, I have grown decidedly attached to hanging out at your blogspace. And it was SO nice to chat with you in a way that was the familiar, bantery exchange of real friends.

Thanks for being with me as I scrubbed my walls (yep, ALL sorts of anxiety...), thanks for the chocolate, the smiles and the little energy stabilizer... Sending a great big e-hug. Talk to you soon!

Blogger Wayfarer said...

It's one of the greatest things about the digital age that it can truly broaden our horizons. I love that you have broadened mine, and I'm truly grateful to have returned the favor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have been amazed at the close friendships I've formed in the 2-and-a-half years I've been blogging. I honestly feel closer to my blog friends than I do to those whom I see on an almost daily basis. It's not at all hard to believe, especially when you're talking about good people such as Chili and O'Mama.

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