Sunday, March 02, 2008
Feminism my ass.
Warning: political content ahead. I'm all for logical, thoughtful, polite, and perhaps non-bitchy political debate. Please read what I am about to write is simply my opinion. I'm not trying to persuade you. If you'd like to ask me why I feel certain ways, I will tell you. If you feel differently than I do, well, that's because different thinking makes the world a better place.

I happened upon an episode of Larry King Live the other night. His guests included a few political talking heads and several celebrities, many of whom are well known for their political activism. Among these guests were Ben Stein, Fran Drescher, and oh so handsome Bradley Whitford. Oh, Sean Astin was there, too.

There was some great discussion and I enjoyed many things they talked about. There were many good points made in favor of all three major candidates. (Sorry, Mr. Huckabee, you've lost your status as a major candidate in my book.) The discussion was all going swimmingly until Fran Drescher opened her mouth and all sorts of stupid spewed out.

According to Ms. Drescher, and I'm paraphrasing here, I should vote for Hillary Clinton for one reason and one reason only. She and I both have a vagina. It is my duty and obligation to my vagina that I not consider any other factors in voting. Hillary Clinton has a vagina. I have a vagina. The end. Here's the quote, copied from the transcripts here: "I think that we should not forget that one of the choices here is for this century being about women. And I think that globally, women's rights are eroding. If we women don't take this opportunity to hire this chubby middle aged women with heavy calves, who is willing to fight for us and fight for women's rights and -- you know, she's had a child. She's raised a fine young daughter."

Are you KIDDING me, Fran? John McCain doesn't care about women's rights? Barack Obama doesn't care about women's rights? They couldn't possibly care about women's rights because they are men? This is ridiculous. There is so much more to consider when deciding whom to vote for. I'm a woman who cares deeply about women's rights. I care about health care, the economy, the war in Iraq, education, and oh so many other things. I care about finally having a President who can walk into a meeting with foreign leaders with an open mind. I care about having a President who can, for the first time in a generation, motivate everyday people to care about their country, to believe that they can actually make a matter how small.

I want a president that I can be proud of.

I think it is time for this nation to move in a different direction and I just don't think having a Clinton as president is the way to do it. With that name comes a crapload of baggage. We just don't need more baggage.

So, Fran Drescher, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton and her vagina. In fact, Hillary Clinton should be insulted that you think I should.



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, A-frickin-MEN!

I'm not voting with my vagina; I'm voting with my intellect. My intellect (and my compassion, and my hope for the future) is telling me that Ms. Clinton is not the right person (male OR female) for the job.

My vote's going to Mr. Obama. While none of our choices is perfect (IS there such a thing as a perfect candidate?), I think Mr. Obama comes closest to my ideal in this go-round.

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Mr. Obama is getting my vote, too, Chili. But I'm pretty sure you already knew that!

Blogger Kizz said...

You guys know that I have a visual mind, you KNOW better than to say things like "voting with my vagina" around me. MY EYES!!!!

I had no idea that Drescher was considered a highly political celeb. How odd.

Do I think that Obama and McCain are capable of caring about women's rights even though they have penises? Yes. Do I feel confident that they will? Oh hell no. And I agree with Drescher that women's rights are being eroded at a frightening pace over the past decade or so.

I still don't know if any of the 3 remaining candidates (Mr. Huckabee can have my apologies too) are going to do any good cleaning up the mess from the geometric office, though. They all have something going for them and I suppose there's only one way to tell and we don't even start doing that until 2009.

Blogger Lanie Painie said...


I'm bringing some Chlorox wipes with me to the voting booth just in case the last person DID vote with their vagina. That is completely unsanitary!

Blogger Rosie said...

I can see that I have been unimaginative with my vagina up to now. Thank you for opening up a whole new range of possibilities for things that I can do with it...

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