Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Ten Things Tuesday
Too Much Information version. (I apologize in advance). 10 things I've done since 5 P.M. last evening.

1. Sustained a fever of 102.9.
2. Threw up.
3. Slept in 10 minute increments all night.
4. Slept in much longer increments today.
5. Did not get out of bed today until 1:45.
6. Threw up 6 or 7 more times.
7. Apologized to R eight or nine hundred times for being sick.
8. Said a silent thank you for a husband who rubs your back and holds your hair while you're in a less than attractive over-toilet position.
9. Managed to drink a whole can of Ginger Ale and haven't yet seen it again.
10. Cursed and moaned and been overall more miserable than I can ever remember being.



Blogger Kizz said...

You're up and writing a 10 Things post, though, so I'm thinking you're on the upswing. I certainly hope so. Bleh.

Feel better!

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Nooooooooo! Oh, I am so, SO sorry. You have no idea how much I mean that; really.

Feel better!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Boo, quit sitting in front of your computer. Go to bed. Let the Mr. take care of things. We love you and are sucking up ginger ale on your behalf. Just had some for you, go hydrate youself best you can, and get some sleep.

Blogger Wayfarer said...

Not that you would know me from Jesus (he's much more famous, anyway), but I will send healthy thoughts your way.

Your husband gets my admiration and respect for his ability to be there at that moment of "vomitus expelliamus". I can't even be at that end of the house when someone is praying to the porcelain goddess. Sir, I bow to you.

May you feel better soon!

Blogger Professor J said...

ooo, I am so sorry.

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