Thursday, February 14, 2008
Love is...
Love is the first person you want to tell when something good happens.
Love is someone who never complains when you steal all the blankets.
Love is making your daughter laugh until she cries.
Love is the one who laughs at your jokes, even when they aren't funny.
Love is being married for almost nine years and still feeling like a newlywed.
Love is working overtime so your spouse can go back to school.
Love is never complaining about having your household income cut in half.
Love is surviving open heart surgery.
Love is putting up with me, an undeniably impossible job.

Love is being married to my best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day.



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Yes, indeed. We are lucky who got to marry our best friends!

Blogger Leann said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Amy. You've got a really good man!

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