Friday, February 22, 2008
Um, help.
I'm studying for Anatomy & Physiology. This chapter (quiz tomorrow) is mainly organic chemistry and such. So, yeah. Big fun. Due to the nature of the subject, it is mainly strict memorization, which I struggle with as a whole. All of our quizzes and exams are multiple choice which help me because, if you don't mind my saying so, I have mad deductive reasoning skills. MAD SKILLS, YO.
Okay, so misery loves company. This is the word and definition I'm working on right this very second.

ESTERS: Similar to carboxylic acids, except that the H of the OH is replaced with a carbon group. They have a carbon with a double bond to oxygen and a single bond to a different oxygen which is bonded to another carbon.

Yeah. That's what I said, too. Since it is multiple choice, I'm hoping memorizing this as "the one with the long ass definition" will suffice.



Blogger Kizz said...

Lawdy, lawdy Miss Maudy, that's hell in a dctionary! My fingers are crossed for you. Imagine what the actors must feel like on ER where they have to rattle off stuff like that at high speed and pretend they know what it means. Maybe that's how you can do it, pretend you're doing a scene with Goran Visjnic and you have to make it sound plausible.

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Sorry, Sweetie - I've got no suggestions for you. I went into the study of English because my brain won't accept science or math....

I like Kizz's idea, though - You're a hot ER nurse in a crisis situation; you'll do great!

Blogger Wayfarer said...

OK. First things first. Let's get the esters memorized for the quiz. If I may, I'll offer a suggestion, based on what (little) I know of your learning style:

Ester has two kids, O and C.

She needs to take them to their various activities.

She starts with them both at home: OC

On one trip, she goes out and back to take O to violin practice: OC=O.

Then she goes out again. She drops C off first, then O.: OC-O-C.

If she draws a diagram for her husband to follow about how the trips work, it would look like this.

Does this help (and if I didn’t get the details right, can you modify it so it does?)

Second, you've said that you struggle with rote memorization. One of the things that makes memorization easier for people is to understand just how your brain is wired to do that work. I'd be happy to show you how to do that in a fairly efficient manner, but it would require emailing me for a little more info. If you're interested, you reach me with my username AT comcast DOT net.

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