Monday, May 05, 2008
Where's Waldo? He's in my trunk.
I used to love the Where's Waldo books. I think I still have a few...wonder if Booger would like them? Anyway, yesterday, I cleaned out the trunk of my car. I'm not proud of what a mess it was. Over the winter, my car became quite cluttered with all sorts of things. I was still working for Large Retail store and had to wear black shoes to work. I never found the perfect pair for work. I had 3 hour shift shoes, 5 hour shift shoes and 8 hour shift shoes. I had some shoes that I would wear to and from hoping they would last longer than 20 minutes because damnit, they were cute (they never did). All of these shoes are fine for me to wear out and about. There's just something about standing in the same spot on concrete that make 99% of my shoes unbearable. So, my trunk held 3 pair of black shoes and a stray pair of tennies.

Since I don't like to drive wearing a coat, there were a few coats back there, too. Including my cute red vest that I spent too much time searching the house for. A basket of scrapbook stuff for the class I was supposed to teach, some things I need to return to various stores, a stray bag of popcorn from Target and the grossest thing ever. I found a little bottle of chocolate milk from a happy meal tucked away in the corner. It was so rotten that the seal had burst from the gases inside the bottle. The smell was enough to knock me over. I cleaned and sprayed and cleaned again....the whole trunk smells like rotten milk. It's disgusting.

I found the camera charger whose absence this weekend caused R and to I to say not very nice things to each other.

There was a scarf, a hat and a pair of gloves. A 5 subject notebook. A dress I purchased for Booger for $3, then promptly forgot about because it was buried under all the rubble.

Oh, there was a book bag, 3 reusable grocery bags, and an ice scraper. A shovel and a flashlight. What? You don't carry a shovel in your car? Well, you'll be sorry if you ever get stuck in the snow. The obligatory emergency roadside kit with jumper cables, though I'm not entirely sure how to hook them up without shocking the hell out of myself.

3 summertime floor mats, a few empty 20oz bottles of Diet Coke, a clipboard, my i-pod headphones, and a few empty french fry bags.

It's clean now. All that remains is the shovel, flashlight, roadside kit, the reusable grocery bags and the stench. Oh my god, the stench.

Lesson learned. A clean trunk is a happy trunk.


Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I LOVE posts like this - let's see what's in THIS drawer!

I cleaned out my car a few weekends ago, and while I didn't find any old milk (you have my sincerest, non-sarcastic sympathy on this one - it's amazing how something so sweet and wonderful as milk can turn into a literal portal to hell after a few days in a warm spot...), I did find a sock (a SOCK?!) a couple of National Geographic magazines (the girls like to read in the back seat) and about a dollar in change under the seat, lost while simultaneously driving and trying to count coins. After a serious vacuum job (and new car mats - I never bother to clean the mats after a New England winter - it's more worth it to me to drop the 25 bucks and get brandy-new ones), I'm not ashamed of my car anymore!

Now I need to hire a boy to wash and wax...

p.s., do you keep your shovel year round? I keep my snow brush year round (it's good for brushing sandy feet at the beach), but not the shovel....

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Funny, I keep the shovel year-round, but not the snow brush. I've no idea why. Guess you never know when you need to whack someone with a shovel!

Blogger Heather said...

LOL I wish I had the room in my trunk for something other than a double stroller and a gas can!

Blogger Miss Grace said...

I think your trunk must be bigger than mine?

Blogger Anathema Heterodox said...

I have a pretty boring collection from my trunk; windshield washer fluid, a portable air compressor (plugs into the cigarette lighter), a broken fishing pole, some plastic for covering window in the winter and the broken wiper blade I replaced last week.

Blogger Michele said...

I love this post because it makes me feel so much better about my own Honda Mobile Landfill Project I am driving these days. Minus the rancid milk. Blech.

I came via Dad Gone mads Links of Love to say hi.

Blogger Swanny said...

Great post! Sometimes it seems that projects like these let you get a feel for archeology. You know what hidden treasure (or not) that you'll find. If you're like me and only do it once a year, it's a nice little time capsule of what you've been up to lately.

I'm also here from the List.

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