Friday, April 18, 2008
Studying cellular respiration for my Anatomy quiz tomorrow. Dull dull dull. And BORING.

My last Psych paper is due Sunday so of course my friend WRITER'S BLOCK comes to visit. Figures.

My buddy's leaving in 4 days for the Philippines.


Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I wish I had something helpful to say, but I really don't. Just do the best you can with all of it. As for the writers block, just start writing - even if it's "I really have no idea what to write about so I'm going to keep writing until I come up with something...." just to get your brain lubed up.

I'm glad you weren't affected by the earthquakes. I heard about them on NPR and immediately thought of you...

Blogger Kizz said...

Yeah, I was going to say you should set a timer for minutes and just do a brain dump, write whatever comes out then go back to the paper and see what happens.

Good luck!

Blogger Professor J said...

I know you can do it! It is almost the end of the toughest semester--you'll be fine.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Just mutter, "Means to an end, means to an end," and push through the distorting boredom.
As for writing, how many of these things have you already written? Using what you know of what your prof expects, is it possible to jump right in and spill?
I hope your friend and you have a great weekend...!

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