Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Ten Things Almost Wednesday
Hiya! How's it going? I bombed my Psych quiz Sunday. No, really. Spring Break threw me all off my rhythm and here it's Easter this weekend so no school again. Crap. I need to get my groove back! (Call Stella) (anyone get that joke? anyone? Bueller??) We have the wonderful opportunity to throw out the lowest quiz score and that's just what I'm planning to do. According to the email from the Professor, we'll also have the opportunity to take the quizzes home, look up the answers we missed - write a few sentences for each answer and potentially get 1/2 of the missed points back. (Holy run on sentence, Batman!) I'm going to do that....more for the study part of it than the points since I plan to throw it out....but it's a buffer in case I blow another one. In honor of blowing the quiz, I'm going to tell you ten things about my Psych Class.

1. We meet once a week on Sunday evenings.

2. The girl who sits next to me came in 2 weeks ago with a brace on her hand. She told me about how she was in a car accident and broke her hand. 15 minutes later, the brace was off, her laptop was open and she was reading MySpace and instant messaging on AIM with some buddies. Psych notes no where to be found.

3. During class on week 6, a student asked how many classes she had missed so far. (They take attendance and we accumulate points for showing up and participating.) She had missed three out of six. The same student asked the professor why she couldn't take the test she missed the week before.

4. I'm not the oldest student in the class. But I'm pretty sure I'm the second oldest.

5. My professor drives a red Shelby Mustang Cobra. It's hot.

6. I have yet to score a 100% on one of my papers. I disagree with his grammatical changes on the last one I got back. He deducted 1 point for "minor errors." I don't think they are errors. I'm considering posting it here so you all can tell me who's right. I doubt I'll need that one point later, but you never know. Good thing I know a couple English professors!

7. One student said - out loud and in front of the whole class - that he failed one of the quizzes because the powerpoint slides he printed were out of numerical order, so he studied them that way and THAT IS WHY HE FAILED.

8. There's the one student who has to top everyone else's comment. Oh, caffeine is addictive? Well, I can drink it and it has no affect on me. Oh, you stayed up for 29 hours, I stayed up for 4 DAYS SO THERE. This goes on all night every night we have class. So fun.

9. I like the one student who shimmies her hips, bats her eyelashes and flings her hair and will keep doing it until one of the guys in the class notices. Please tell me I was never that obnoxious. I know I had my moments, but seriously. She's ridiculous.

10. This class makes me consider researching a career in Psychology. I sure wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

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Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Heh. Your complaints about your classmates, I'm sorry to say, are the same I hear from A LOT of good students. My sister, WeedWoman, and a few of my own students have come to me to gripe about the utter lack of responsibility and self-actualization that their classmates exhibit. I'm sorry you're experiencing it, too, but I hope it helps to know that you're SO not alone in your assessment of today's typical college kid...

Blogger Kizz said...

Sounds like most of those kids would be better subjects of psychological study than students of it.

I got that joke!

Blogger Lanie Painie said...

when I was in college I used to want to strangle the students who asked questions that had JUST BEEN ANSWERED. I wanted to get the info and get the hell out of there. Too many idiots delaying the class TICKED me off.

Good luck to ya!

Blogger Professor J said...

I know that girl with the broken hand! And I know what you mean about spring break. I'd rather put it at the end of the semester and get out a week early!

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

One upmanship BITES me in the ass. Isn't screaming insecurity so delightful to watch? I am sorry to hear you've been plagued by some less than the most serious students, but at least their pathology provides good blog fodder!

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