Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Ten Things
....Wednesday. Damnit, I missed Tuesday again. My apologies. These past few days or so have been a bit more nutsy than usual. I know that for sure because I'm on day 5, or is it 6, of an eye twitch. It's in my right eye and it's not twitching all the time, just enough to remind me that I should probably try to calm the hell down. In an attempt to do just that, I'll list 10 of the things that are bothering me. Perhaps writing them will either A) Help me realize they're stupid and I shouldn't worry about them or B) Stop dilly dallying and just do it already.

1. One of my closest friends is leaving this month to attend Medical School. In the Philippines. Which, for those of you who may not know, is really fucking far away. I'm happy that they are taking the step to fulfill their dream, but so incredibly sad.

2. The great major switch. When I decided to go back to college, my plan was simply to pick a health/science major, get an Associate's Degree and start working. I would finish up a Bachelor's degree once I nailed a stable job. It appears that I'm not the only one doing this, so the waiting lists at Small Community College put me at not even starting the program(s) until Fall of 2010. Yeah, that's just not going to work for me. So, I'm considering loading up on all the necessary pre-requisites at Small (read: cheap) Community College then transferring to Bigger (expensive) Local College. I'm in the process of gathering information on if there's a waiting list, how long, how much, how how how.....

3. The major I think I'm deciding on is nursing. With my insurance background, and the nursing career model in general - there are many different jobs you can do with that degree. Treat patients, work for a surgeon or doctor, insurance, admin, etc.

4. I wish I felt compelled to one specific major. One career path. I just don't. I lived and breathed my old job at Large Corporation. I felt like that job defined who I was as a person. I was so wrong. I'm just me. And I'm great at it. I don't need a career to do that for me and promised myself I never will allow a career to do take over my life again. I'm much happier now that I readjusted my focus. That said, it makes deciding on a career a bit more difficult, you know? It's like....there are 10,000 different things I could do. I could do anything. And that's just too many choices.

5. My house needs cleaned. I'm going to work on that today since I don't work until 4:30.

6. Finals are in less than a month and I'm already a wreck. I don't know why. I'm still doing well in all my classes. A's so far. I think I'm just scared that I will have worked so hard and blow it at the end. My goal is to have myself numerically in a place where I have a little wiggle room when it comes to the final. I'm more nervous about the Psych final than my 2 Anatomy & Physiology finals because it's worth more. My A&P finals are worth 100 points combined, but my Psych final is worth 200.....40% of my total grade.

7. My free trial period of MS Office expired on my laptop. The University Bookstore has the student version for much cheaper than other stores. I'll likely head over there tomorrow to get it. I tried to apply for a job online today and can't cut and paste my resume any longer since Office Expired. Seriously, Bill Gates, sometimes I think you're an asshole. Like I didn't pay enough for my laptop.

8. I have about 500 pictures in my camera. I'd like to upload them to the external hard drive and put a few on Flickr.

9. I was trimming the Wonderdog's nails the other day and she flinched and I cut one way way way too short. Poor thing bled for the whole night. I felt horrible. Still do as she's still favoring it.

10. The sun is out. I'm going to open all the blinds and hope for some good energy.



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Isn't that WEIRD?! MY right eye has been twitching for a few days now, too - but I can't figure out what I'm stressed about. Too funny...

There is no "due date" for Ten Things Tuesdays. Yeah, it'd be nice for them to be on Tuesday (because, you know, "Ten Things Wednesday" just doesn't trip off the tongue so lightly), but who the fuck really cares? Certainly not I, and since I think I'm the one who started this whole thing, I get to say. So there.

I think you'd be GREAT at nursing. I would likely be great at nursing, except for that whole passing-out-when-other-people-puke thing. And quit stressing about your finals. You're going to walk out of them feeling like you totally bombed, then find that you got the highest grades in the class. Trust me.


Blogger Kizz said...

You have a lot going on my friend. No wonder the eye is twitching a little.

Sounds like good stuff, though.

Anonymous organic mama said...

Chocolate helps twitching, you know. Medical fact - scout's honour.
Ok, I am NOT a scout, or medical, but Buffy firmly believed that there existed no problem that was unassailabe by chocolate... and who am I to argue?

Good luck on your finals, although like Chili, I think you'll flatten the rest of the class. Stop worrying!

Really, take it one thing at a time to give your CNS time to adjust to all the decisions and issues you're contemplating. Do something stress-free, but maybe not dog nail trimming... (I've done this too, and now I have the groomer file them because clipping them totally freaks me out now!).

Anonymous MadWoman said...

I am told that copious amounts of red wine will help with that twitching issue. Failing that, you get a damn good buzz and forget about the twitching.

Good luck with the nursing thing. I have an incredibly strong gag reflex and would likely end up puking on patients and I hear that doesn't go over well. Something about trying to make them better?

Love your blog! Found you from DGM.

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