Thursday, March 27, 2008
Polar bears and puppy love
Booger's classmate had a birthday party at the zoo today. It was scheduled to last a bit under 2 hours. I was so excited about it because I was going to get to drop her off at the party and then walk around the zoo for a while. See some animals, get some exercise, have some alone time to clear my head. I had grand expectations for that time, I tell you. Except it was raining. Hard. So much for walking around the zoo and exercising. I did spend some time in the inside polar bear exhibit. It has a glass wall that shows both above and below the water. One of the babies (2 years old now, I think) was diving, swimming, and grabbing fish in the tank. It was really cool to watch. I forgot my camera, of course, but I took some cute pictures on my phone. But I don't know how to get them off of my phone. You'll just have to trust me - the pictures, they are cute. Oh, you can see the polar bears anytime here. Click on the animal cam link, you can see seals, polar bears, elephants and others.

Bedtime has never really been a huge deal here. We're big on the bedtime routine and always have been, so that helps. There's a system to bedtime. Bath, snack, snuggle/reading, brush teeth and go potty, then bed. She's usually asleep within 10 minutes and rarely fusses. (god, I'm totally jinxing myself saying that out loud.) During the last few weeks, this routine also includes lining up her stuffed animal friends along the side of her bed so they can sleep with her. Tonight there were 9 of them. The number varies nightly. I remember doing this, too, and find it incredibly sweet. Maybe she'll be a vet when she grows up.

Speaking of growing up, I think I'm changing my major. More on that as things develop.

One more thing, I am thinking of getting a Blackberry. We have Sprint and are locked into at least one more year of contract, so an i-phone's out. Anyone have a Blackberry? Do you love it? I'm planning on starting school full time instead of part time, so I figure this little toy would help kill time between classes.



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I can't speak for the Blackberry, but the iPhone is mucho cool.

I'll be waiting anxiously to hear about the switch in majors...

Blogger Lanie Painie said...

I love the zoo too. The polar bears were born Thanksgiving 2006, so almost 1 1/2. They are so fun to watch and very interactive with the public. Last time we were there, one cub was pouncing on the window. She would stand and stare at the kids lining up at the window and finally jump at them. She did it over and over. Lots of fun!

Rainy days are the best to be at the zoo. You were right around the corner from us (off Glendale)!

Blogger Kizz said...

Switching majors...??????

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