Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Ten things
Since my last ten things list was a downer, I will try to make this one a bit more full of sunshine. Here are ten things making me happy this week.

1. I received a 17 out of 15 on my Psych quiz.

2. Booger's grade card. She doesn't receive letter grades, but has shown steady improvement in things like working independently and time management. Time management is something we've been working on at home. Giving her a set amount of time to complete a task or a set amount of TV time. When she knows the ending time, there is often much less complaining. It's also helping us work on telling time on an analog clock.

3. Ally the Wonderdog has been extra snuggly this week. She usually sleeps at my feet on the bed, but last night she snuggled right up next to me.

4. The sun is out.

5. I was able to catch a HS track meet and watch my niece run several races during the meet. It was great to see her excelling at something she really enjoys.

6. 2 of my best friends are coming to visit Chez Snob this weekend!

7. They are coming because one of them is running Sunday with R.

8. The marathon is this weekend. R and our buddy D are teaming up, each running half. This is a nice compromise as I am still in a bit of a panic about the race....but it's a good distance to see how well he does. He has been training regularly and his weekly EKG hookups at Cardiac Rehab look good. All of the doctors we know and have seen gave him the green light.

9. My Psych professor has a sense of humor and I'm enjoying the unwritten/unspoken challenge about my last paper. We have 5 one to two page papers due during the semester. Twenty available points and I've received 19/20 on the first 4. I'm writing my final one this week and am gunning for the 20.

10. I'm working on a going away gift for my friend who's leaving for Med School. I'm considering a short story or some sort of listy thing about my favorite memories of our friendship. Any other suggestions?

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Blogger Kizz said...

My best friend is turning 40 this month and I'm sending her 40 post cards with quotes she'll like from poets, songs, movies, books, comedians. I think that whatever you do should be open ended so you can maybe send another something once a week or once a month to help ease the transition to a new place and to med school.

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I like Kizz's idea - something that can be carried over into the future of your friendship will mean a lot.

A 17 out of a possible 15, huh? You totally rock. Then again, I knew you would.

Blogger Lanie Painie said...

The marathon is here already? Is it local? Are you ok? Best of luck to all involved!

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

I love Kizz's idea! How about including things you've loved and shared together - special treats, restaurants, copy of a cherished movie, a framed photo of the two of you... You are so fabulous as a scapbooker, why not incorporate some of this into a wee book?

SO thrilled for you and your academic (and not surprising) success. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself as well, which is fabulous. What are these papers on?

As for R, he'll be fine. Really. Breathe: he's got the green light.

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