Thursday, April 10, 2008
I think I figured out one of my problems. (Yes, just one. There are many.) This particular problem involves my lack of blogging. I used to simply write off the cuff and about whatever tickled my fancy at the time. When it's been several days since I've posted, I am less likely to simply post a quick rant about something and feel pressure to make the post good enough to post. Stupid, I know.....but still, I think that's what's been going on with me. I miss writing. I still compose entries in my head when something funny happens or something strikes a chord. I'm going to go back to my run and gun style. At least I'm going to try. Here are a few random things I've been meaning to jot down.

Every time I enter our house, I notice the flour remnants wet and mushy on the side of the porch. This is leftover from when I cut Wonderdog's nails too short last week. (The flour helps stop the bleeding.) Anyway, I notice it every single time I walk in the house. Then, something strange happens. I put my stuff down and immediately forget about it....until the next time I walk in the house and see it.

I drive a 10 year old car with 173,000 miles on it. It's in great shape, but it is still 10 years old. I carry full insurance coverage on it and it's EXPENSIVE. Insurers don't like you to carry full coverage on old cars because should you wreck the car, any amount of damage is likely to exceed the value of the car. I've been considering dropping the full coverage but I'm afraid of the Karmic Retribution. I mean seriously, we all know the minute I drop collision coverage I'm going to hit something. So, is the money savings worth it? You tell me.

I have some moles I need to have looked at. I'm moley and it's getting worse. The one problem is last time they took 3 off (all came back normal and safe and fine) and the scars are worse than the moles ever were. I'm moley and I scar horribly. I guess I should at least get in there to see what they think. Moles = sexy. Just saying.

I won my NCAA college basketball pool this year!

R, Booger and I went to the dentist this week. I'm pretty sure the hygenist pried out one of my fillings with her ice pick/tooth pick/tooth scraper/poker thing. It was a tiny little filling I received years ago on the inside between my 2 lower front teeth. The hell? Now I'm going to have to have it redone. Perfect.



Blogger Kizz said...

That forgetting thing happens to be all the time. Especially when I'm trying to remember to bring something with me when I leave.

You won the pool? That's amazing, it's almost impossible. Hope you're doing something fun with your winnings.

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Ugh. The forgetting thing. I do it ALL the time, usually about something to do with the car. I'll say to myself, "I really ought to scrape off that bit of yucky on the back window - I'll do it when I get home," then I'll pull in the garage, go in the house and completely forget about it until I'm looking at the bit of yucky as I'm backing out of the garage. Gah.

Keep the coverage.

I appreciate the scar problem, but it's still better to know that you're safe than to avoid the scars and make bigger problems for yourself later. Besides, NO mole scar is EVER going to beat R's scar, and you still think HE"S sexy, right? 'Nuff said.

Congrats on the basketball. I'm learning to love baseball, but I can't get into the whole March Madness thing.

Ugh. Dentists. I need - desperately - to go to mine. I keep finding reasons not to...

Anonymous MadWoman Meg said...

The forgetting thing happens to me all the time. I get from the living room to the kitchen and forget why I'm there. I blame it on the fact that my brain slid out with the placenta after birthing each of my spawn and has never fully regenerated.

Keep the coverage man...I lowered my coverage and some barbie doll on a cellphone promptly totalled my car. Not worth it!

As for the scars. Well....better than the alternative right?

And the dentist? That's exactly why I haven't been to a dentist years?? And my teeth are still healthy! Because there's no over zealous hygenists trying to extract useful stuff and leave me cringing.

Blogger Leann said...

I'm moley, too! We'll just be a couple of sexy, moley old broads! I have a few that I should have checked, too...and don't get me started on skin tags!

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