Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Ten Things Tuesday
Here are ten things I am going to do tomorrow.

1. Get a desperately needed haircut. I'm at that place where I'm tempted to sit down and say "chop it all off." I likely won't, but I'm sure I'll come away wearing several inches less hair.

2. Take Ally the Wonderdog to the vet. With or without an appointment. She's got a wonky looking cyst on a mammary gland I'm not taking any chances on. I work 11-7 tomorrow, so after my 8:00 haircut, I'm going to round her up and go hang out at the vet's office. I'm sure they'll squeeze me in somewhere.

3. Catch up on blogs, especially the conversation taking place at Chez Chili. I'm coming....wait for me!

4. Finish my post about my Granny who passed away 6 years ago yesterday. What a lady.

5. Go to class.

6. Check out the new masthead at Please Pass the Popcorn. I'm loving this week's contest!

7. Make sure all my shows are programmed into the DVR. We had to swap out a malfunctioning DVR for a new one, so my series recordings are all gone.

8. Stop at the mall if I have time to buy some cosmetics. To match my new haircut, of course!

9. Go over the to-do list for the baby shower I'm throwing on Saturday for a dear friend who is having triplets. All boys. Yes, really.

10. Snuggle with the Wonderdog. I've been home so infrequently and I miss our walks.

What are you up to?



Blogger Kizz said...

OK, malfunctioning DVR and losing all your series makes my heart cold with fear.

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