Wednesday, November 04, 2009
It's deja vu all over again.....
Mr. Snob has a long history with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A side effect of cholesterol medication is that it screws up your liver enzymes. So, he's been on and off several different cholesterol meds and has a history of up and down liver enzymes.

The latest round is up. Even at 8 weeks with no cholesterol meds. An ultrasound indicates fat infiltration of his liver. I don't really know what that all means except it secured us an appointment with a specialist today. The reasons he should have this liver issue are all reasons that don't apply to him. So it's a bit of a mystery.

One thing we're doing to begin to solve the mystery is a CT guided liver biopsy. The doctor is hoping this will rule out any strange and/or rare disorders. (All I hear here is CANCER, but I'm not willing to go there, so let's pretend I don't hear that.)

Tuesday we'll be at the hospital for at least 5 hours for this biopsy. Hopefully it will be fine and we'll go from there.

I'm nervous.



Blogger Kizz said...

No surprise that you're nervous. What a shitty thing. We'll be thinking good thoughts. xo!

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Sending calming, soothing energy. Just keep breathing; your pouring your stress into the Universe isn't helping you OR him. (that sounded like I was being dismissive... you KNOW I'm not; I just want you to acknowledge your fears, but don't live in them...)


Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

thanks, girls. I appreciate you both very much.

Anonymous O'mama said...

I'm outta the loop - I hope you are doing well. Lots of good energy coming at you from here, as well as directives to put your energy to staying centered and proactive, rather than to reactive. Love to you!

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