Friday, June 26, 2009
Things that annoy me Friday
I thought we could list a bunch of these that annoy us. You know, get them off our chest.

As my online name suggests, grammar is my thing. So when Larry King said "myriad of..." last night I wanted to call to tell him if he'd like to use big words, he should AT LEAST use them correctly. Myriad is plural, no need for "of."

O'Mama's annoyed that CNN is dumbing down their headlines. Read about that here.

Mr. Snob gets annoyed when someone calls an LED an LED light. The L in LED stands for saying LED light is redundant.

I'm a little annoyed by the people who are choosing to spout off all the "bad" stuff about Michael Jackson. First of all, he was acquited of those charges. Second of all can we just celebrate the good in someone -- especially in their death? Maybe I'm naive, but I think it's a sign of the times when we are first to point out the bad and often overlook the good.

I'm annoyed that my house isn't cleaning itself...the nerve.

Feel free to post your annoyances.


Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I'm annoyed by people who don't know what the subject of their sentence is. The History Channel is running an ad for a show, and there's a line in there that goes something like "a team of engineers recreate the aircraft." The subject of the sentence is TEAM, singular, so the verb should be "recreates." Ugh.

I'm annoyed by people who bike and walk on the wrong side of the road.

I'm annoyed with my mother's sister, who is bugging her about some of Mom's things that she wants.

I should stop now; this could go on a while...

Blogger Kizz said...

I'm annoyed that I can't randomly insert an extra hour into my day right now because I'm afraid I'm going to be late to everything. But I'm showered and my laundry is clean!

Anonymous Kate said...

It makes me entirely crazy when people use the word "less" when they mean "fewer."

Also, I just want to scream when I see something that cost money to produce - a sign, a magazine, etc. - with grammatical errors. Could they not invest in a proofreader? Seriously?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spelling errors annoy me: acquitted, not acquited.

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