Tuesday, December 16, 2008
hi....and help!
I'm recovering from finals. Two out of three were great. The other one I'll talk about soon, but I'm not ready yet. It's not a big deal as it was a lame class I need, but not really. So, the low grade is not the end of the world. Mostly. Sort of. Except we all know I'm a perfectionist. So I'm dealing. But again, more on that later.

Here's the other thing. I don't have a tree up. I have purchased 2 gifts and have roughly 25 on my list. I'd like to buy my 12 year old niece some books. She likes to read and I'm ALL ABOUT encouraging her to keep it up. I'd like to spend around $25 and get as many books as I can for that. Any suggestions? Do you think Little Women is too old for 12? What about Judy Blume? That's the right age group for her, isn't it? I haven't been 12 in MUCH TOO LONG. I also remember being far ahead of the curve in reading by then, so my experience is likely not hers. I'm hoping to push her a little toward some classics, thus, Little Women, but not so far that she won't read it.

Help. Please.

Also, need gifts for the following ages. Suggestions are always welcome.

Boys - 4, 6, 7, 8
Girls - 5, 12, 16

Booger, already a nerd, wants (and I've already purchased) this.


Blogger Kizz said...

I say buy 'em all books. Little Women is right for 12. Also check out The Outsiders or anything else by S.E. Hinton. If the 16 year old hasn't been swept up in the Twilight saga then it's the coolest gift you could give, really. Roald Dahl is good for a range of the younger ones, I especially like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and James & the Giant Peach. You know The Little Princess or The Secret Garden might be good for the 12 year old girl, too. Have any of them gotten on the Harry Potter train? It's a modern classic. What about the Little House on the Prairie series? Also awesome and grows with you.

I've spent about 8 hours over the last week in the youth and kids section of B&N and on Amazon so it's big.

OH! And for any of the kids 8 and under Shel Silverstein books are key! Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, The Giving Tree. The poetry books are more fun and raucous than Giving Tree.

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

You know what, Kizz....I just might buy them all books. Hadn't really thought about it, but now that I have - I like it. Twilight is already in their household! Also HP. I like the idea of James & The Giant Peach and Charlie. I'll look at the others you've suggested. I am so happy I asked, now I might get all my shopping done at the bookstore. Love it!

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I'm with Kizz - books are ALWAYS a good idea.

I happen to HAVE a 12 year old (well, almost - she's 11.5 and 15 days today) and she LOVED the Twilight series. Pretty much anything in the "young adult" section would probably fly.

My smaller person (who's a very precocious 9) loved the Warrior series and all the Artemis Fowl books, if that's any help.

Blogger Wayfarer said...

When I went book shopping for my 7-year old daughter's birthday a couple of months ago, I went to a local independent book shop and asked them for their recommendations. They gave me good advice, and gave me ideas I might not otherwise have even known about. If all that you're exploring now doesn't ring a bell, I offer it that putting yourself in the hands of the right professional may get you what you're looking for.

I'm sorry to say it, but I don't have a lot of suggestions for gift stuff. For me, such things are really about knowing the other person. I have a hard time deciding on gifts based on age, sex, or the like. I'll ask around, though, and I'll pass along any worthy suggestions.

Anonymous o'mama said...

Books are ALWAYS the right choice. Other things that have worked really well with my girls (works with boys, too) are things like Sculpley moldable clay, out of which Boo and Monkey have created scenes of fantasy, little bears, jewelry, etc.. only limited by imagination. Beads and a good closeable holder, some simple earring hooks and a basic jewelry making book works well, too. Good luck!!

Anonymous tmu said...

i bought my 9 yr old nephew a book of word puzzles, and his 11 yr. old big brother a new 2008 book on Astronomy. These were in the bargain section at Borders this week (Dec. 18).

Books are ALWAYS a good call --even if they might not think so at the time: there might come one of those "i don't have anything to do"! moments, and presto! -- the book might seem interesting to them. I think we readers have to encourage our young ones to read, too.

i DEVOURED "Little Women" when i was about 10 or 11 yrs old initially, and eventually practically had it memorized (but of course, i truly loved reading.)

I agree with Kizz's suggestions. Also, magazine subscriptions (science, computers, environment, Christian [if that is acceptable to you & them]) are fun for kids, because they get something addressed directly to them each month.

Old books like Alfred Hitchcock's "Ghost Stories for Young People" are fun, too, for the older ones (9 and up). i have just now been searching for it on Amazon used books and cannot find it, tho.

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