Thursday, October 23, 2008

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No, that's not me in many of those photos...that's our new friend K, also a first time marathoner, who ran the entire race with Mr. Snob. They met as part of the pace group to finish in 6:30. Mr. Snob's official time: 6:15:13. I'm trying to put my thoughts into words.

Race day was amazing. I can't even put it into words! Also amazing was Tuesday when Mr. Snob went to visit Dr. M to show off his medal. Dr. M, you'll remember, was our surgeon, and he was THRILLED to see Mr. Snob and they were both overwhelmed with excitement. I can't talk about it any more because I will cry again :-) Pride, elation, overwhelming relief. Thank you for helping me on Sunday. Your texts, energy, pin-wearing, and emails kept me afloat and I'm eternally blessed to have you all in my life.

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Blogger Kizz said...

Yay Snob family! Congratulations on getting through this with flying colors. Now go have a margarita. :)

Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

That second photo hit me. That's WONDERFUL. Congratulations to ALL of you!

Blogger Leann said...

I'm so very proud of Roy for all that he has accomplished in the last year. I'm even more proud of you, for keeping it together as well as you have. I like kizz's idea about the margarita, I live right across the street from El Camino Real. Just pick the date and time. You deserve to unwind with some strawberry-tequila goodness!

Anonymous O' Mama said...

Yay!! It's so wonderful when everything goes so well, with elation and pride so much a part of it: a wonderful accomplishment!!
Mazel Tov!!

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