Monday, November 03, 2008
Monday Meme
Stolen, with love, from O'Mama.

Four family members:
Mr. Snob, Booger, Ally the Wonderdog, and the dust bunnies.

Four places that I go to over and over:
Grocery, Barnes & Noble, Sephora, work.

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
Mr. Snob, Ness, D, and Mr. Obama’s campaign

Four of my favorite places to eat:
Cousino’s Steakhouse, The Original Pancake House, Home, and Wixey Bakery!

Four places I would rather be right now:
Home (I’m at work), California, School (yes, really), or with family.

Four TV shows I watch over and over:
Grey’s, The West Wing, Sports Night, and the news.

Four things in the room I’m in:
My desk, cell phone, bottle of water, and baseball I use to toss around instead of biting my nails.

Four concerts I’ve been to:
Counting Crows, Metallica, George Winston, Brian McKnight (eclectic, no?)

Four things on my calendar:
Next big exam for school, ELECTION DAY!!!, niece’s birthday, release date of Twilight movie.

Four fears:
Sarah Palin (I stole this from O’Mama), icicles, failure, a harsh, harsh winter.

Four things in your purse or wallet:
Wallet, picture of Booger, cuticle nippers, lipstick.

Four chores you hate doing:
Putting laundry away, mopping, mowing the lawn, washing windows.

Four favorite animals:
Dogs, goldfish, dolphins, pigs (because of Mr. Snob’s new heart valve came from a pig.)

Four speed dials on your cell phone:
Home, Mr. Snob’s cell, Sister, Sister in Law

Four places you have called home:
All are within 30 miles of current home.

Four favorite pieces of jewelry:
Wedding band, mother/daughter pendant, charm bracelet, earrings from Mr. Snob.

Four websites you visit:
CNN, O’Mama, Chili, Kizz.

Four people who have been in your car:
Mr. Snob, Booger, Ally the Wonderdog, Mom.

Four things you are wearing:
Four usuals – watch, wedding ring, charm bracelet, necklace. I have clothes on, too, but they’re just boring work clothes.

Four things you are looking forward to:
Graduating (though it won’t be for awhile yet), Thanksgiving, Booger’s birthday, Christmas.

Four favorite types of candy:
Green & Black’s milk chocolate, Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Butterfinger.

Four sports teams you like:
BGSU Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Indians, St. Francis Knights.

Four things found in your fridge:
2% milk, Diet Coke, Cheese, Ketchup

Four rituals you do daily:
Brush my teeth, have my morning Diet Coke, watch the news, snuggle with Booger.

Four things currently within reach:
Cell phone, water bottle, at least 19 pens, family picture.

Four things you know how to cook:
Melt in your mouth cheesecake, pot roast, mashed potatoes, beef veggie soup.

Four Halloween costumes you’ve worn:
Martian with some stupid blow up thing on my head, cheerleader, devil, Cyndi Lauper (yes, really).



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

"at least 19 pens"

Yeah, we'd get along just fine.

Anonymous o'mama said...

See, that was gonna be MY comment, but SHE got there first. I have 2 overflowing pen containers and I still want MORE. I guess I am an insatiable pen whore, just like you and HER...

Palin's just frightening and maybe, just most probably, she'll go AWAY after tomorrow...

PS: wearing the angel pin, for Obama, and his late grandmother

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