Tuesday, December 26, 2006
It's always difficult the day after Christmas. So much hype, anticipation, late nights of preparation....for a few shining moments. (cue sappy music) This year is no different, I suppose. The mess is still in the living room, the tree calling me to be taken down, the slight disappointment that the gifts I chose for people did not strike them any more than the gifts they received from others. Don't get me wrong, the gifts were well received, but I'm such a pain in the ass when it comes to this. I spend so much effort picking gifts...you know, the PERFECT gift for every single person. What sucks the most is I usually have to settle for an ALMOST perfect gift since what I decide is the perfect gift is so far out of the budget that it would be the perfect gift for several years to come - all wrapped in this one shiny box. So, I'm upset that I don't really get to give you what I want, which, I presume, comes through somehow via osmosis into your gift receiving. Yes, I am well aware that this particular personality flaw is funny to many of you. It's infuriating to me...if only I were rich, I could buy people the things I want to. Okay, sorry - let's move on.

On a quite happier note, this Christmas I realized how important many people are in my life. My friends and family make me laugh, cry, and shake my fist in righteous indignation, but I love each and every one of them. There's my sister, who, though we never lived in the same house, and we do not exactly share a bloodline, are so similar and opposite at the same time that you have to think we were meant to be sisters all along. My dad, in all his "screw you, I'm wearing pajama pants all day and I don't care who comes over" glory. My friends, who, when I was freaking the fuck out last week about someone ringing the doorbell for 10 minutes straight while I was home alone with Booger, was on the way out the door to come rescue me. Our other friends whose lack of presence over the weekend while they visited family was sorely missed. And my Husband & The Booger. Without them, none of it would mean anything.

Booger enjoyed Christmas (we still have a few more stops on the Christmas-gift-gathering trail). I loved the fact that I can buy her a coat with matching glove, hat, scarf set and she loved it just as much as the 2ft tall My Little Pony dollhouse she received from her Godfather. I know that very very soon she'll be asking for myriad electronic items I'll be required to wait in line, wrestle other shoppers and end up on the 6 O'Clock news for.

I am grateful for all that I have and wish everyone was as safe, warm, as happy as my family.


Anonymous mrschili said...

Your wishes were granted at the Chili household: we had a lovely holiday; everything went off without a hitch, everyone behaved themselves, and I didn't poison everyone with an underdone turkey (there's a post coming about that a bit later...).

I'm right with you on the gushing of gratitude for all the wonderous and beautiful people in my life. The events of the last few weeks have conspired to remind me of just how lucky and blessed I am to have not only my immediate family, but a vast and loving network of friends and friends-who-are-family and people-I've-never-seen-who-I-can-call-friends to take care of me. I'm not taking any of it for granted. Your wonderful and thoughtful offer of help two weeks ago has planted you firmly in that web, and I'm grateful.

Here's hoping our warm and fuzzy carries over into the New Year!

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