Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Ten Things Tuesday
I'm a bit behind on my ten things this summer, that's for sure. And for whatever reason, tonight I'm in a bit of a mood, so I think I'll make this a Ten Things Tuesday - Selfish Whore Edition. I should mention that due to my summary posts about R's surgery, many of our family and friends from all over the world are now reading this little thing I do. (Hi, Auntie! I tend to curse and make little things seem like BIG FUCKING THINGS and overreact and think the world revolves around me. BUT! I can be sweet and charming sometimes. You should focus on those times.)

Anywho....on with the list. Here are ten things I need or want or MUST HAVE right now. Because I am a selfish whore.

1. A day at the salon. Eyebrows are beyond bushy, hair needs cut and would love to throw in some new highlights. Also, missing my pretty acrylic nails.

2. A job. That pays a zillion dollars for me to do next to nothing.

3. A new car. R's is just about paid off. I haven't had a new car in 12 years. Want. Need. Now.

4. A closet organizer. Or shelves, or something. Maybe just someone to come in and pitch everything in there. For crying out loud, I wear the same 7 things...

5. A nice, gourmet style meal that I don't have to cook or clean up after.

6. I would like R to be pain free. Right now. No more pain.

7. More time to spend with friends...everyone is so busy with their own lives.

8. A new computer with a big ass flat panel monitor and a better keyboard. My keyboard is slow. It's almost manual labor to get the keys to work.

9. A more cost-effective gym/club/center we could join as a family. I need to do something to take some of this extra weight off and would prefer to do it together with R and have a place there we can take Booger. Everywhere is so expensive...

10. I suppose asking for cooler weather coupled with lower humidity would simply be too much, right?



Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

There's been a REASON you've not been keeping up with TTT. No one is going to give you any crap for that.

I'm disappointed, though, that you want to go back to the acrylic nails. The yummy cuticle cream didn't do the trick for you? I'm literally astounded by how nice my hands have looked since I started using it - I was SURE I couldn't grow pretty nails...

I work in one of those expensive health clubs and I've got to tell you that, if you're willing to make the commitment to actually GO, it's worth it. Our club has damned near everything you could want (the only thing I can think off the top of my head that we DON'T have is a rock climbing wall - we've got the full gym, three pools, rooms for yoga and racquetball, martial arts, step and weight classes, the full weight room and then some, all the treadmills and eliptical and bike machines you could imagine, Spinning, kids' programs - the list never ends). If you have a place like that near you, see if your insurance will help defray the cost of membership, then see if you can get a six-month trial from the place to see if it's worth it to you. You'll likely find that it is.

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

The cream works wonders. Would have worked wonders had I used in the hospital instead of chewing and biting and picking. I haven't given up hope just yet. Spent some time on my nails a bit ago and they look better already. :-)

Blogger Kizz said...

"Selfish Whore Edition" is now my new favorite kind of Edition. I so want to do the Selfish Whore Edition of something (anything!) right now.

Selfish Whores Unite! But let's do it at my house, I don't feel like driving.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Honestly, selfish whore sounds like a great blog name, never mind a TTT! Love it! Let su ALL indulge in selfish whoreness; do we not all desrve it?? YOU, most of all, my friend. Doesn't Chili's club sounds fab? I think I may actually consider a trial mambership somewhere 'cause Damn, I need to work out.
If I could come and help you with your closets, I would so be there. Bob and I just did our closet and blees him, he actually got RI of tee shirts that predate me (15) years. He bought some plastic containers to put his sweaters and crap in so the piles don't fall over and look like shit two seconds after we place them carefully on the shelves and they are working to keep things organized.
As for the weather, well the S-word is coming fast, no? Lalalala SEPTEMBER is nigh upon us and should be cooling things off soon. But for now? Yeah, ick.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Selfish Whore! LOL! Have you considered a name change? You have a lot on your plate and posting TTT isn't something I would put too much thought into right now!

Have you looked into a Y membership? We have one and enjoy it quite a bit. I can call you and give you some idea of what we're paying for a family membership. That way, you, R and Booger could all get some use out of it.

Tell R I've been thinking about him and I will call soon. Just remember to stop every now and again and breathe.


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