Thursday, July 12, 2007
Ten Things
I'm having trouble stringing words together in a coherent manner, so I'll hide behind Ten Things and you'll read it and like it, dammit! (I kid, mostly...I'm needy, throw me a bone already)

1. I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the midnight premiere. It was crazy good and I really want to see it at an IMAX theater! Harry rocks, can't wait for the new book next week.

2. Movie theater popcorn is one of my favorite foods.

3. Yesterday, we replaced the storm door on the front of the house. A quick easy project turned into a 6 hour debacle, but it looks fantastic.

4. Today, I painted the trim around the front door, the trim around the garage door and the front side of the front door (the main door, not the storm door. For that would be dumb.)

5. I have no less than 4 lists going right now. List of things to do before next week, lists of people to call, lists of people to call people, lists of things to bring.

6. Mr. Snob's getting a new valve!

7. I'm going sort of crazy.

8. My sister-in-law will be home from vacation in time for the surgery.

9. It's pretty difficult to explain to a 5 year old that her dad's having surgery and she likely won't see him for several days while he recovers in ICU. We'll get her up there to see him as soon as we can, but it's likely not going to be for 2-3 days post-op.

10. Someone stop me before I paint my kitchen orange.

Okay, we met with the surgeon and I love him. Love. After meeting him, I was calm, energized and confident about the upcoming surgery. But, I should have known that wouldn't last. I still have all the confidence in the surgeon and the surgery itself, I have a better feeling in the pit of my stomach than I have for awhile - BUT - c'mon, this is me. I worry, I fret, I freak. It's who I am. I am GOOD at it, great even. And this is my husband, my soul mate, my everything - they have to stop his heart to fix his heart. And that fucking sucks. They have to saw through his chest, people. With a saw. And yes, they have to stop his heart. The surgeon said he'll send out word to me throughout the surgery, and I appreciate that - just don't forget to tell me when his heart is beating again, so that mine can, too. He will be so much better after this is all done. The doctor said the first month or so will completely suck and it will hurt like a motherfucker, but it has to be done. We're preparing for everything knowing that it will be fine and we will do this together, like we do everything.

Surgery is Thursday the 19th, 7 days from today. The 19th happens to also be Mr. Snob's birthday. We picked that day hoping the good Karma that comes with it will help. The other option was the surgeon's birthday, 7/23. I told the surgeon I didn't want it that day because he would be in a hurry to leave!

I'll update when I can. I'm cleaning and painting and organizing so that I can spend the next month doing more important stuff - like helping my husband heal.



Anonymous Organic Mama said...

thanks for the heads up on Harry Potter - so pleased you loved it and am taking that recommendation to the theater - tomorrow or Saturday.
C'mon, let's see the door!
DON'T paint the kitchen orange!! Unless, that is, you LOVE orange and it will make you stupid happy. If it will, how about clementine?
As for crazy, of course you are: this is huge. You know the statistics are good and as you said, this has to be done. Booger will understand when you explain that Daddy needs his heart fixed and the hospital will make him all better. Gosh, is there a kid's book about a Daddy that needs surgery? Lemme check-
Here! This is about a child having heart surgery,..."Matty's Heart: A Child's and Parents Guide to Open Heart Surgery (Child's and Parents' Medical Storybooks, No 1)"
Second? I'd like to send you a care package, but for now, I am sending you a huge e-hug.

Blogger mrschili said...

Snob, I'll be here, waiting for word. Don't forget to give us the all clear, too, please...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I told Roy and I'll tell you, if you need anything to help make Roy's recovery any easier on you, please let me know. I can bring over a hot meal, help you tidy up around the house, whatever you need. Please don't hesitate, okay? You, Roy and Anna will be in my thoughts on the 19th and I wish Roy a restful and speedy recovery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Snob,
Glad to hear you are handling everything just fine. Ha ha. You make sure and let me know if you guys need anything but I am sure that with his family they have it all covered. Keep me updated. But most importantly DON'T PAINT THE KITCHEN ORANGE. And secondly don't hesitate to call for ANYTHING. And I mean ANYTHING.

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