Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Ten Things
I am such a schedule girl. Not having one is completely fucking me up. I'm going to make a list of crap that needs done and I just need to do it. I've been on the go almost every single day and often joke that I don't have time for job. For this week's ten things, I think I'll use the list to work through things I've accomplished and things still unfinished. Maybe, just maybe, it'll act as some motivation.

1. I bought new running shoes yesterday. I'll start using them today.

2. Still vacuuming. A lot. A very lot. Though I need to dust a bit more.

3. 5 1/2 garbage bags full of shredded paper resulted from cleaning the office. Almost done!

4. Rearranged Booger's room in preparation for new bed. Will bed shop next week.

5. Need to go get paint samples for kitchen. Also need to decide if I'm painting the cabinets.

6. Garage is a mess. Haven't worked my way up to tackling it yet.

7. Toenails freshly painted. (hot pink) Fingernails progressing along....should be ready for paint soon.

8. Resume complete. Still working on cover letter(s). I think they are so unnecessary, but whatever.

9. Car is washed! (Thanks, Mr. Snob)

10. I promise to update more. Plan on dedicating no less than 30 minutes a day to writing....something, anything.

Hope you are all well. I miss you! :-)



Anonymous mrschili said...

We miss you, too!!

Listen - don't start with the running shoes by RUNNING! Walk for a bit, PLEASE, then work your way up to running for a song and walking for two. Seriously; if you just hurl yourself into running without working up to it, you'll injure something and then not be able to do ANYTHING until you heal.

YAY for the fingernails! We'll want a picture when they've reached your required prettiness levels!

love ya!


Anonymous Bat Man said...

10 things and on a Tuesday..... AMAZING!!! LOL

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Hey! Glad you're so bloody proactive. Wanna come kick ME in the behind??

Seriously, way to go to get all scheduled. I am working on a daily list for myself, like the ones I have for my daughters, to get me regularly focused. So far, I have managed to procrastinate actually writing this list for months! My kids are off to camp (for 2 months) in 22 days, and then I am going to get moving again.
Anything I can do to help get you motivated??

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