Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Ten Things
Here are ten things that either I did, or that happened to me during the last seven days.

1. Bought the cuticle cream recommended by Chili. Will begin slathering cuticles this evening.

2. Attended a college graduation ceremony. Secretly thought, "Hell, I could write a better speech than that."

3. Went out for sushi and it rocked. Had to lie perfectly still in bed for 90 minutes after becoming nauseous and thinking I had food poisoning. (I think it was just stress)

4. Dropped a TV tray on my shin. Cursed. Loudly. In front of Booger.

5. Considered cutting my hair and dying it pink with blonde streaks to celebrate my almost-unemployed status. Didn't, but still might.

6. Marveled that my pedicure is in tact 2 weeks later. It goes well with the cracked and bleeding callous on my left heel.

7. Visited my friend, V and her son, O. Had a wonderful time, but still cried when it was time to go.

8. While shopping with V & O, saw Ace from American Idol (last season, maybe?), who was singing there. Realized how pathetic the 50 year old women were - standing in line to meet him wearing American Idol t-shirts.

9. Bought a new vacuum cleaner. Freakishly vacuuming and examining the dog hair and dirt coming out of the carpet. This is both horrifying and fantastic.

10. Received a letter from the IRS stating I've allegedly botched my 2005 return and would I kindly send them three grand. No, I kindly will not. I will research my return and figure out what to do. But in the meantime, there will be crying and gnashing of teeth.

Hope your week was calmer than mine. Work ends Friday. Friday can not come soon enough.



Anonymous mrschili said...

Please. I swear in front of my girls all the time, but that's not turning them into dockworkers or anything. They know the difference between regular words and "grown up" words. Explain that to Booger - she's smart enough to get it - and all will be well.

For reasons I've yet been able to determine, pedis always last longer than manis. Maybe it's because we use fingers far more than toes? Whatever; I'm still more likely to spend the money one a pedi than a mani, if only because a pedi lasts longer (and they're harder to do for oneself - it's sometimes tough to reach down there).

You're going to love the cuticle cream....

Blogger organic mama said...

This is a great list. I, um, swear like a trucker. My kids are now begging me to stop and I do try but sometimes, the only appropriate word for moment like yours with the tray, is a delicious expletive. I am certain Booger will eventually get as blase about the colorful language as my girls did and will understand that certain moments invites certain words.
If you do anything radical to your hair, please post a photo!! I know I am a fine one to talk, with my shortie haircut growing out unblogged, but please share.

I didn't write a ten things list this week because I had a ludicrously busy and overscheduled week and couldn't find the damn TIME. I will return to my scheduled duties next week. Come visit.

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