Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Ten Blue Things
I feel like maybe I should leave today alone as we all gather our thoughts about the tragedy at Virginia Tech, but I will write, because writing soothes me. Then I will go right back to reading some more news.

We are all drawn to different colors. Blue is my color. It is also the color for my e-friend, O'Mama. I'm using her recent story about blue as my inspiration for this week's Ten Things. Here are ten of my favorite blue things.

1. My new cell phone.

2. Blue hooded sweatshirt with "Coca-cola" logo.
3. Fuzzy blue socks.
4. Hairsticks with blue beads.
5. Favorite blue jeans.
6. Blue Sharpie marker.
7. Toledo Mud Hens (their uniforms are blue).
8. A beautiful blue sky.
9. Some of Monet's Waterlilies paintings have wonderful blues in them.

10. Blue Coach handbag.



Anonymous mrschili said...

Forgive me if my "duh" is showing, but what, exactly, is a "blue coke hooded sweatshirt"?

My Ten Things Tuesday will be a Ten Things Wednesday this week. The post is all written and ready, but I don't feel right putting it up today; I think what I've got there is enough...

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

It's my "duh", Chili - edited to make more sense. It's just a blue hooded sweatshirt I wear almost every day.

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Thank you, my e-friend. This post made me smile and I may steal this lovely idea.

Today I wrote my notes for my lecture in blue and I felt some fleeting composure come over me despite the ghastly news. I wore no blue today (ok, underwear and a pendant) but intend to go head to foot tomorrow; I think I need it.

No ten things for me either yet. Have tons of grading, but will try to get one up.

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