Monday, March 19, 2007
It's the end of the world as we know it.
I did something today that I never thought I would. I have many quirks - foibles, if you will. But never in a million years would I have pegged myself as this person.

I ironed the shower curtain.

I am not proud. Well, I sort of am. For it is nice and clean and wrinkle-free. I'm not sure which is worse, ironing the damn thing or smiling every time I walk in there and see how nice it looks.

I think I'll be okay, but if I start ironing those damn wrinkled bed sheets, I'm calling one of you for help.


Anonymous mrschili said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I used to worry that I spent a little too much time with the Martha Stewart Living magazine (I cancelled my subscription last time it came up just because I was concerned for my own well-being).

I don't iron my shower curtains, but the thought has occurred to me. I sit on the toilet lid and take deep breaths until the feeling passes. At the very MOST, I'll run the thing through a wash and dry cycle, pulling it out just before the dryer finishes its thing.

I can't stand to iron.

Anonymous Bat Man said...

Um, How long before you call someone for help?

Blogger The Grammar Snob said...

Bat Man,

I'm calling you - help!!!


I haven't subscribed to MS Living for the exact reason I don't take Vicoden!

Anonymous mrschili said...

This is what I'm sayin'. We don't need ANYTHING that makes us feel like we should be MORE OCD than we already are. Not only that, but I despise the apparent ease with which Martha does everything and feel inadequate when I don't live up... until, that is, I recognize that she's got a cadre of maids and assistants. Just THINK of the laundry I could get done if I had an ASSISTANT!!

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

Actually, she's a demon. Yup, she sold her soul and she does things effortlessly on account as she has dearly paid for perfection. We mere mortals can but only dream. And iron our shower curtains in a futile attempt to even approach her demonic magnificence. Chili, I am glad you've ridded yourself of Ms. Stewart's influence: it might be CATCHING. : )

Snob, go ahead and do whatever wacky thing demands your attention. I HAVE ironed my sheets, taken a toothbrush to the light switch and...

Um, I'll be over there...

Anonymous Erik said...

To ease your mind. My mom used to irom my fathers underware and undershirts.

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