Monday, February 19, 2007
My name should have been Grace, for sure.
My childhood was peppered with various trips to the ER. I have a knack of hurting myself doing things that should be safe and walking away from things that should cause tremendous injury. Major car accident - thanks, I'm fine. Sitting in a chair watching some guys play basketball - broken thumb. (I'm not kidding).

Anyway, this weekend we ventured out to the local sledding hill and once again I proved why my mom really should have named me Grace. For the record, I'm not a fan of winter outdoor activities. I'm outside too much for work, freezing my ass off, that come the weekend, I'm looking for warmth. Booger was so excited, however, that I decided to go watch and snap some pictures. Right. I got sucked into sledding and had a terrific time, in spite of not even wanting to!

I only managed to get to bottom of the hill right side up one or two times out of maybe eleventy bazillion. One time, Booger and I went down together and about halfway down starting flipping ass over teakettle. We both got up laughing and hugging and ridiculously unharmed. I have not had that much fun is so long and it was glorious to laugh and point and laugh some more, all while snot is running out your nose and making snot bubbles when you breathe. (What, too much information, sorry!). Anyway, let's get to the graceful part, shall we? I was standing, yes, standing at the top of the hill. Just standing. Had my left foot firmly planted in the snow, my right foot resting on one of the metal saucer sleds to keep it from sliding away. I must have shifted my weight to the right foot and wham! The next thing I do, the sled shot out sideways and I fell on my ass. In front of everyone. I wanted to cry, to shrink into the snow and never speak of it again. But, whatchagonnado? I laughed, so everyone else laughed and it was all good. I have three gorgeous bruises to show for it and my left leg hurts like a bitch. Nice.

Just call me Grace.


Anonymous mrschili said...

I'm right there with you, my friend. I HATE going out in the cold. I managed to get out of the last sledding trip (though I feel a little guilty about it) by staying home to correct mid-terms. I probably should have gone, but I didn't miss bundling up against the cold and the wind, and I was home to provide the returning adventurers with cocoa.

I'm sorry you got a boo-boo, but I'm glad you handled it with aplomb. My favorite Calvin and Hobbes of all time has Calvin walking through the first frame, tripping on the second, landing flat on his back with a "whoomp" in the third, and standing, with his arms in the air and hollering "TA DA!!!" in the fourth. It's a life philosophy, my friend, and I'm glad you've caught on...

Anonymous Organic Mama said...

I usually whine and bitch and then I moan about having to go sledding - my kids think not going is "wasting" the snow - and then I have fun despite myself. Curiously, this is a process I experience over and over again but I refuse to think about this.

I am glad you had fun with snot bubbles - why not?? - and Booger - again fun with snot. Hmmmm

Nice ta da moment - handled gracefully indeed.

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