Saturday, January 27, 2007
My house smells like ass. And hairspray. And chocolate cake. All at the same time.

I'll work backwards in order to try to provide reasons....backwards as the chocolate cake is the easiest to explain. I'm making a chocolate cake. My mom bought me this rockin' set of cake pans for my birthday. They have recessed areas so that when you bake them, you can stuff them, put them on top of each other and have stuffed cake. There really aren't many things in this world better than stuffed cake. Today, I'm stuffing the cake with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream stuffing, cream cheese frosting. OH, man. I think I might have just wet my pants a little.

On to the hairspray. I've always been a bit of a hairspray whore. It gets really bad when I need a haircut, like now, and I go a bit crazy with my battle of the frizz by shellacking the hell out of my hair.

Now, the ass. I am sure hoping that the smell is just the by-product of unopened windows, dog, kid, us, enough dirty laundry to clothe all of Belize and not, you know, some dead animal under the house. I'm just saying. I don't really notice when I'm here all day, but if I leave and come back....eww. Called my sister to see if I can swipe the air cleaner my mom gave her. Maybe that will help. The laundry, you say? Clean laundry would help the smell? Hmmm...I'll keep that in mind.


Anonymous mrschili said...

The only problem I can see with cake stuffed with ice cream is that it has no shelf life. Now, stuff that bad boy with ganache, and you've got yourself a winner!

Haven't I given you crap about your hair before? Seriously; hassle it less. The picture you posted a while ago shows me that you've got beautiful hair. Run a little gel through it when it's still damp and leave it alone. See what happens and get back to me.

Can't help you much with the ass. I do so hate this time of year, what with the not being able to open windows (in the house OR the car). Good luck with that.

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