Monday, January 01, 2007
If it's not one thing it's seventeen others
My mom is in the hospital. It's probably nothing more than a minor concussion which is causing some vision problems.

But, after 3 days of rampant Mother/Daughter bickering, I am feeling so terrible and guilty and terribly guilty.

I just got back from the hospital and figured I would do some research on her symptoms. This was not such a good idea. Damn the internet for making it so easy for me to freak out. While I'm a big believer in "Knowledge is Power", right now I'm thinking I should just wait to let the Neurologists tell me what's wrong instead of relying on Dr. Google. Also, I asked at the hospital and Dr. McDreamy does not make rounds there, so that option is out.

I'll keep you posted. Think good things for me, okay?


Anonymous mrschili said...

Thinking very good things for you.

DON'T waste your energy on guilt. You love your mom - obviously - and that's really all that matters. Everything else is just background noise. Trust me; I know this from first hand experience.

I agree - you really shouldn't rely on Dr. Google. Too much knowledge about things we don't understand is always a bad thing - best to leave it to the professionals to explain it to us...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember to breathe and try, try, try NOT to worry. Yeah, right, I know. But seriously, worrying will only make you a nutcase. Distract yourself until you have reliable information to work with, which you won't find on Dr. Worst Case Scenario.

Sending good energy for you and your Mom...

Anonymous mrschili said...

So? How are things today?

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