Sunday, December 31, 2006
An open letter to Mattel
Dear Mattel: creator of all things toys,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss our family Christmas. Anna truly enjoyed receiving the many gifts with your corporate logo on the boxes and many variations of My Little Pony inside the boxes. We have MLP bath stuff, MLP ponies, MLP castles, MLP drawing stuff, and in fact, enough MLP stuff to probably trade in and buy an actual little pony. This, however, is not the reason for my letter today.

I would like to discuss the procedures in which you encase all of these MLP's into the boxes. There are plastic coated metal twist ties, Scotch tape (why is it Scottish, btw, and not French or Argentinean? Just curious.), plastic thingamajigs and even pressure/vacuum/shrunk wrapped plastic shells over the more sensitive pieces like teacups and saucers. At one point, one of the poor MLP's hair was sewn onto part of the box. Sewn. You should be ashamed of yourselves. In fact, I might forward a copy of this letter to PETA.

While disassembling all of the boxes of MLP to free them from their prisons, it dawned on me that perhaps your efforts could be better utilitzed in other factors of consumerism. I don't think that it should take an educated adult 25 minutes to open a box that is roughly the size of a address book. That concept, however could be beneficial to other products. I bet the Surgeon General would be interested in how to make it take 25 minutes to remove a single cigarette from a pack.


Grammar Snob


Anonymous mrschili said...

My husband and I figured out YEARS ago why Mattel toys are so freakishly overpackaged. The company is singlehandedly employing THOUSANDS of little, nimble-fingered oriental women. They are providing an income for half the families in Singapore.

Truly, though - it IS stupid, isn't it?! My favorite bits of packaging, and the things I find under couches LONG after Christmas is over, are the plastic tabs with four or five holes in them that are used as spacers to hold the plastic coated twist ties in EXACTLY the right position.

Blogger ChibiSkittles said...

... Except My Little Pony is manufactured and distributed by Hasbro... oO

Suggestion from an avid collector, if you want to open the ponies and have an opportunity away from the kidlets (if kidlets are involved), use an exacto blade.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotta agree with you, chibi. it's not exactly rocket science, on either counts. the ponies even say hasbro under their hooves, the boxes say it, too. i also find scissors help in freeing ponies....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For someone who prides themselves on grammar, and those who do have an eye for detail, you cannot even examine packaging or product for who to aim your complaint to. I hope you didn't waste a stamp on this.

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