Friday, January 05, 2007
5 o'clock on a Friday evening.

Husband and Booger having dinner at in-laws - house is beautifully silent.

Sweatpants: check.
Sportsbra (no underwire): check.
Comfy stretched out long sleeved tee shirt: check.
Homemade pizza with extra cheese heating in oven: check.
Work stuff turned off: check.
Copy of Wicked and warm snuggly blanket waiting in recliner: check.

Have a great night, my friends. I'm going to relax!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy your decompressing with Wicked! I am headed to my couch with Sunshine by Robin McKinley (a truly delicious adult fantasy) and a large cup of licorice peppermint tea. Already had the chocolate from Mrs. Chili...

Have a great night! I hope your bliss extends though the weekend. Let me know if I can help kick butt, er motivate you re your house selling. Um, why are you selling the house?

Anonymous mrschili said...

Oh, YEAH! Now THAT'S what I'M talkin' about! You go, Girl! Keep sticky notes with you so we can compare favorite lines later...

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