Monday, January 08, 2007
I managed to get at least 3 days worth of projects done today and am so pleased with myself! All the Christmas decor is back in the garage, some furniture's been rearranged, lots of dusting, and some vacuuming. Man, I can not tell you how good it feels. A few things still on the list to organize include the closet-under-the-stairs, the coat closet, MY closet, and that's just the beginning.

We're prepping the house to be sold so that we can build a new one. Yes, you read that correctly, though I will not be the one building it, I assure you. I'll be the one in the corner crying because I can't decide on drawer pulls and towel racks. The reason we are moving is to get to a better public school system. We have plenty of really good private/Catholic schools in our area, but Toledo Public Schools are phenomenally poor. I am a big advocate for public schools and would rather hassle around to get a house in a better school district and pay the taxes than the tuition. But I'm funny like that. Meanwhile, it will be fun for all of you to watch as we decide on floor plans, colors, etc.

I'm feeling very motivated - Mom's doing a little better each day and my buddy, Organic Mama is rocking her manuscript! Go show her some love, would you?


Anonymous mrschili said...

We have a great deal of experience with house-building and house remodeling. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out there. My husband, if he weren't already an engineer, would be an archetect - he designed our house and the addition - let me know if he can do anything to help you out there, too. Don't just settle for the cookie-cutter houses the builder offers - get what you really want.

And don't worry about the drawer pulls and towel racks. That's the easy bit..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to GO! Good luck with getting everything just so for the for sale madness. Also, huge congrats on building your own.

What is your timeline before your home gets shown?

My husband and I just went through our house, making lists of all the things that had to be done - like organizing closets and bookshelves - and we're NOT selling our house. We joked that moving might be the only way we would get our scary and cluttered basement cleaned out. All we have to do is pack up, cull the crap, move out, and then move back in !

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