Thursday, January 18, 2007
Attention Kroger Shoppers, spil in aisle 4 (or, you know, the parking lot)
Dear guy at Kroger,

Hey, you! You the one in the parking lot at the grocery store yesterday afternoon. I hope all of your hair falls out and that your shoelace comes untied and you trip and fall on your face. In front of the President, or the Pope, or Eva Longoria. That's how much I appreciate you. You saw me as I carried 3 bags of groceries and a 12 pack of Diet Coke out to my car. Yes, I am stubborn and didn't bring the cart. But I only had a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, some turkey for a sandwich and my sweet blessed Diet Coke. You watched as the Diet Coke 12 pack packaging split and all 12 Diet Coke cans scattered like dandelion puffs. You saw. And you watched. And then....then you put your hands in your pockets, looked down at your shoes and walked right on by. You are a jerk and I hope Karma comes back to bite you in your ass.


Grammar Snob

[I just realized this is my second angry letter in only a few weeks. Somehow they make me feel better, so you may see more of them.]


Anonymous mrschili said...

Don't writing these things make you feel SO much better? Like the ode I wrote to the MORON who decided to use his windshield washer fluid sprayer in FOUR DEGREE temperatures? Then was surprised when the whole windshield iced over and he couldn't see to merge on the highway, and so STOPPED at the top of the onramp?! UGH!!!

Did the Kroger people refund you the sodas?

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