Monday, January 15, 2007
Someone please 'splain it to me....
The never ending drama and angst-fest here in Snobville has prevented me from updating much. Mom's a bit better every day. She still can't see well enough to drive, but can see well enough to tell me I'm an even worse driver than my dad. This is the ultimate insult as he's never made a proper in-vehicle maneuver ever (in her humble opinion.)

Mr. Snob's uncle is very ill and likely to give up his fight this week. Mr. Snob and his sister (and her husband) drove to NJ to see him this past weekend. About a 8-9 hour drive plus gas and tolls, etc. They had a wonderful visit (well, as wonderful as you can under the circumstances), but would really like to return for the funeral, when the time comes. I would prefer to attend as well, as the daughter-in-law-who-doesn't-really-fit-in, I would like to show them that I care and have much love for the family and all that. This weekend, I remained here with Booger and my 3 nieces as a 9 hour each way car trip, then sitting in Hospice for hours and hours isn't exactly the idea of fun for 4 girls ranging in age from 5 to 15. I know that staying here and caring for them was my way of helping the family, but I still feel like I should do more.

Anyway - to the title of the post. I've been researching other methods of getting to NJ this coming weekend (just in case - knock on wood - and all that). It seems that in order to fly from Detroit (a metropolitan area with a big ol' airline hub and everything) to Newark, I need to go to Chicago first. This would still be less travel time than driving, so I would agree to do so. Except wait - it's $455. Each. Yeah, no thanks. Thought about Amtrak. Have to go to NYC first, then to Newark, but the total trip takes FIFTEEN HOURS. And costs about $300. So, no. I just don't understand why these things are so strangely routed and so damn costly. So. Damn. Costly. Gas is down to $1.87/gallon this morning, so I can't really agree that it's gas prices. I might pay $455 for a trip somewhere sunny where they serve drinks with umbrellas, but not to go to NJ in the winter.

So, if we go, we'll probably drive. And logic says I'll stay home again with the kids again. I just hope that the family understands it's my way of helping.


Anonymous mrschili said...

Don't sell yourself short for staying home with the kids. That's a HUGE contribution, though some people may not recognize it as such. The kids will, though - especially the older ones who would be bored and awkward and wishing they could be home with Auntie Snob than standing around with a bunch of overdressed older people talking about a relative they don't really know all that well...

Don't even get me started about the cost of transportation lately. It cost us a LOT more than we were expecting to travel to Maryland for April's funeral. My husband's best friend is getting married in March, and I've got to figure out a way to get him to Maryland for a bachelor thing in February and both of us out to Las Vegas for the wedding a month later. THEN, we're going to try to be in England for Christmas (half of Husband's family will be living there by then). We may need to re-mortgage the house....

Good luck with all of it. Let us know how it goes.

Blogger organic mama said...

Like Chili says, it's not like you don't feel like going - you are staying with the kids, which I have also done when husbnad had to fly out last minute and it was just plain ol' prohibitive for me to go as well. Your family should understand that you are at the mercy of ridiculous prices. I can't even count the number of weddings or family events one of us has missed because we both couldn't afford to go, and most importantly, because there were small ones involved.

be easy on yourself and I wish you peace with all of this.

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