Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Ten Things Tuesday
Okay, I'm caving. Two of my Internet Friends do this thing - Ten Things Tuesday. Each Tuesday brings a list of fun little facts about them. I'm addicted to reading their lists. And, well, I do love to make lists, so I will join the party. The list is in no particular order and will have varying levels of seriousness, but I promise it will all be true.

1. My favorite number is 13 and it's because I have mad love for Dan Marino.

2. I can type about 80 words per minute.

3. I have seen Phantom of the Opera live 4 times and in 2 different countries.

4. I am not overweight, I am undertall.

5. Recently taking off my acrylic nails after YEARS of having them has started me biting my nails again....my worst and grossest habit ever. I'll try to get some self-manicure stuff to see if I can salvage them.

6. While I'm working, I listen to ESPN Radio.

7. I love to write letters.

8. My i-pod brings me more joy than I ever EVER thought it could.

9. Nothing better than listening to the rain while reading a book.

10. I have never lived more than 40 miles from where I was born.


Anonymous mrschili said...

Snob, I've lasted about a month without the acrylics and I'm almost ashamed to say that I'm TOTALLY caving and having them put back on. I just can't be bothered to fuss with the damned things, and having acrylics on equals NO regular maintenance. Besides, I don't have to worry about taking half my flipping thumb nail off (the thought of which sends me into paroxysms of heebie-jeebies).

I really kind of hate having "fake" nails (I'm not a "fake" person and, even though I DON'T have tips put on and I keep them WICKED short and polish-less, they're still not entirely MY nails...), it's worth it to avoid the fussing (and the vomit-inducing pain of ripping a nail off below the skin. I TOTALLY understand why certain cultures use under-nail torture...)

Blogger organic mama said...

Lists are so much fun, aren't they??

I completely agree with you on number 8 - I have had my mp3 gizmo for a few months and I cannot comprehend how I EVER worked out without it. I love filing that thing with all my music and then just immersing myself in the tunes while I huff and puff on my stairclimber.
Ditto for 7, yesterday I actually wrote - on paper - an actual letter. I have become so reliant on email that I no longer sit and drag a pen across a page and I realized how much I missed the process.

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