Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Ten Things Tuesday - late edition
My apologies for the late publish....have been out for a few days for all things work related.

1. I always wanted to be artsy....I'm crafty, sure, but not artsy.

2. I am terrified of icicles.

3. When I used to sleepover at my Granny's as a kid, I'd eat pork n' beans right out of the can.

4. I remember the home phone numbers of my childhood friends.

5. I don't balance my checkbook nearly enough.

6. I would love to take Booger to Disney World.

7. My dad taught me to drive using a stick shift.

8. I've only bought one new car in my life, a 1996 Honda Civic and wish I would never have sold it.

9. Being a wife and a mother are the 2 things I am most proud of.

10. I'd rather wash the dishes than dry and put away.


Anonymous mrschili said...

Why are you terrified of icicles?

I remember my OWN childhood phone number, but no one else's.

We've been to Disney World and had a blast. Wait until she's about six, though, so she can remember at least some of it.

I'm right there with you on #9, Girlfriend. The bulk of my identity is wrapped up in my family... which is as it should be.

Blogger organic mama said...

I have to agree with Chili on number 9 - the single most defining equation in my life is me + family = whole, sane, happy, sustained...

I love stick! I learned to drive a stick shift in Seattle, on those STRAIGHT up roads. Wee, so fun.

As for number 4 - I still have the number of my best friend when I was 8 stuck in my memory. Isn't amazing what the memory retains?

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