Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Ten things Tuesday!
1. I love to bake, my specialty is cheesecake.

2. I was a big band geek in HS and College.

3. I have quite a collection of pens, pencils, markers. Seems like I can never leave the office supply store without one or two.

4. Blue is my favorite color.

5. Someday I want to own a 1972 Corvette Stingray.

6. Receiving flowers for no reason is the best reason.

7. I am strangely particular about paper plates.

8. I love to buy presents for people. The best ones are when there is no occasion, but you've found something you just know they will love.

9. Our computer is over 7 years old, we could really use a new one.

10. I love purses and have too many to count, though I usually only rotate about 5 or so. My blue Coach optic signature one is my current fave.


Blogger organic mama said...

I'm a pen geek too!! For me the point should be ultra fine and I will happily scribble all day. I am also a pen klepto - I cannot tell you how many tellers and grocery store clerks I have ripped off.

I love blue - my blue study is my favorite room in my house.

Anonymous mrschili said...

I have a WICKED cheesecake recipe. Wanna share?

What KIND of flowers? Or does it not matter?

I buy presents for no reason, too. If something screams someone's name to me, I buy it.

I am still in search of the PERFECT purse. The one I have now is CLOSE, but not quite it. It's a backpack, but the zipper only works from one direction and the front pocket is useless. The quest continues....

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